Sleep, Interrupted…

So the past week as been horribly spent, in the form of all-nighters, working on my new portfolio site and resume. I really need a job like I need a money tree.

The new identity, website and resume are pretty cool, I have to admit… especially the business cards and letterhead… I wish I could link it here, but I want to always keep work and play seperate. Those of you who know me, probably know where to look… if you don’t know me and you’re interested in hiring me, christ man! email me.

The cool thing about the resume is that I ditched the MS Word template, (Garamound type, silly columns, hollow bullets, traditional kind of shit), and crafted a modern, clean version that uses some blue color and one of my favorite typefaces, Bliss.

I’m not much for fin-de-si?cle (that’s the 20th century, folks), fonts– Fleet Bank uses Rotis, which is such a fucking bad piece of type from the early 90s. I know this because I used it on a corporate identity in 2000… (of course the client was happy with it).

Anyone else have favorite fonts? Please don’t say Arial

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