Sleep, Interrupted…

So the past week as been hor­ri­bly spent, in the form of all-nighters, work­ing on my new port­fo­lio site and resume. I real­ly need a job like I need a mon­ey tree.

The new iden­ti­ty, web­site and resume are pret­ty cool, I have to admit… espe­cial­ly the busi­ness cards and let­ter­head… I wish I could link it here, but I want to always keep work and play seper­ate. Those of you who know me, prob­a­bly know where to look… if you don’t know me and you’re inter­est­ed in hir­ing me, christ man! email me.

The cool thing about the resume is that I ditched the MS Word tem­plate, (Gara­mound type, sil­ly columns, hol­low bul­lets, tra­di­tion­al kind of shit), and craft­ed a mod­ern, clean ver­sion that uses some blue col­or and one of my favorite type­faces, Bliss.

I’m not much for fin-de-si?cle (that’s the 20th cen­tu­ry, folks), fonts– Fleet Bank uses Rotis, which is such a fuck­ing bad piece of type from the ear­ly 90s. I know this because I used it on a cor­po­rate iden­ti­ty in 2000… (of course the client was hap­py with it).

Any­one else have favorite fonts? Please don’t say Ari­al

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