Sing-Sing at TT’s

We went to TT’s last night to see Sing-Sing, the new band of Emma Ander­son from Lush.

In all, I have to say it was just OK, due most­ly to my own per­son­al tastes. I was a fan of Lush, and most of the oth­er gui­tar-based british bands of 10 years ago, so I guess the pri­ma­ry dif­fer­ence here was that it was­n’t gui­tar-based at all. Sure, Emma was play­ing gui­tar, and they had a key­boardist who also played trum­pet, how­ev­er the bulk of the son­ic stuff came from a lit­tle iBook sit­ting next to the singer Lisa.

I’m not clear on who wrote the songs, or who even record­ed all of that dig­i­tal stuff, but I got the impres­sion that Emma has done the 4‑piece gui­tar thing, and want­ed to try some­thing else. It did­n’t help that she had a cold, and sniffed her way through the night.

For Lisa’s part, she’s not nec­es­sar­i­ly my cup­pa tea. She posed at the mic stand, look­ing upward with an angu­lar jaw line, as if she was expect­ing to be hit in the face with a sweet breeze. I give her cred­it for her singing– it was part Chanteuse, and part sexy vamp, but hon­est­ly– this is TT’s! In Cambridge!

And only few of the usu­al brit­mop kids showed up– it was most­ly 30-some­things who look like they sell insur­ance or teach school. One group of guys looked like they were going to a Bru­ins game, in their T‑shirts and back­ward Sam Adams caps. The girl with them had a DMB (Dave Matthew Band) t‑shirt on, which is com­plete­ly inex­plic­a­ble as to how she found her­self at this show.

So, I guess I give high marks for orig­i­nal­i­ty and for the nerve to attempt a “big” show, even at a place like TTs. Loved the drum­mer… he looked like he was enjoy­ing him­self thourough­ly, and that eased the cough­ing scowl that was on Emma’s face a bit.

You can’t sit around and whine about the past, so good luck Sing-Sing.

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