Sing-Sing at TT’s

We went to TT’s last night to see Sing-Sing, the new band of Emma Anderson from Lush.

In all, I have to say it was just OK, due mostly to my own personal tastes. I was a fan of Lush, and most of the other guitar-based british bands of 10 years ago, so I guess the primary difference here was that it wasn’t guitar-based at all. Sure, Emma was playing guitar, and they had a keyboardist who also played trumpet, however the bulk of the sonic stuff came from a little iBook sitting next to the singer Lisa.

I’m not clear on who wrote the songs, or who even recorded all of that digital stuff, but I got the impression that Emma has done the 4-piece guitar thing, and wanted to try something else. It didn’t help that she had a cold, and sniffed her way through the night.

For Lisa’s part, she’s not necessarily my cuppa tea. She posed at the mic stand, looking upward with an angular jaw line, as if she was expecting to be hit in the face with a sweet breeze. I give her credit for her singing– it was part Chanteuse, and part sexy vamp, but honestly– this is TT’s! In Cambridge!

And only few of the usual britmop kids showed up– it was mostly 30-somethings who look like they sell insurance or teach school. One group of guys looked like they were going to a Bruins game, in their T-shirts and backward Sam Adams caps. The girl with them had a DMB (Dave Matthew Band) t-shirt on, which is completely inexplicable as to how she found herself at this show.

So, I guess I give high marks for originality and for the nerve to attempt a “big” show, even at a place like TTs. Loved the drummer… he looked like he was enjoying himself thouroughly, and that eased the coughing scowl that was on Emma’s face a bit.

You can’t sit around and whine about the past, so good luck Sing-Sing.

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