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Make A Hand-Turkey!

Hap­py Thanks­giv­ing friends! Can’t wait to eat.

Like mak­ing crafts? Make A Hand-Turkey!

Interviews with a Geek

Guess who got an inter­view with MIT for a job? Yours truly.

I am still wait­ing for the per­fect job at Sim­mons Col­lege to call me back. They have OS X G4s and 22″ Cin­e­ma Dis­plays there, and, well, it’s a girls’ college.

packing up for turkey

Well, we’re get­ting ready to head “home” for Thanks­giv­ing. Great that there is a fuck­ing snow storm on it’s way! just enough to make the jour­ney unenjoyable!

I have a todo list:

  • clean the car
  • get the car vacuumed
  • take out the air con­di­tion­er and put it in the car
  • pack a suitcase
  • pack the cat’s shit
  • clip the cat’s god­damn nails
  • give the snot­ty cat a bath
  • throw out parishibles
  • take out the trash
  • send a rent check when i don’t have the mon­ey in the bank?
  • cry that i don’t have mon­ey in the bank
  • think of how best to break it to my par­ents that i have no mon­ey in the bank


how’s that old song go?

When some­one you don’t know smiles at you, it kind of pen­e­trates any sort of front you pose.

IDEA! Boston ‘T’ Blog

Today I was sit­ting at the 1369 cof­fee­house in Cen­tral Sq., as I do most days of the week, read­ing the papers and gen­er­al­ly absorb­ing the hap­pen­ings… some guy in a shirt-and-tie fret­ting over Excel spread­sheets at his lap­top on my right. Anoth­er guy on my left, copi­ous­ly prac­tic­ing Chi­nese-look­ing script for words like “cow”, “apart­ment” and “love”. Ahead of me was a man in his mid-40s sit­ting with his young son, who was play­ing Game­boy and occa­sion­al­ly chat­ting with some of the peo­ple who work there. One of these girls was tak­ing a break with a cof­fee, bagel and the New York Times. I liked her Lacoste Izod polo shirt.

Any­way, I had time to sit there, in-between read­ing the Globe, Her­ald, Times and the Cam­bridge Tab, to think about the mer­its of liv­ing in a place like Cam­bridge. I real­ly have a lot of love for this side of the river—be it the bars, the wacky aca­d­e­m­ic types walk­ing around, or the Red Line. It’s got such a com­mu­ni­ty feeling—even for some­body like me who prefers to sit and watch rather than interact.

For some rea­son, I began think­ing about, a project that intend­ed to cre­ate a geo­graph­ic com­mu­ni­ty of New York blog­gers, based on which sub­way stop they lived near. I love maps, pub­lic trans­porta­tion, and I couldn’t help but be in awe at the shear balls it must’ve took to tack­le such a project of that scope. I thought, why not try to do that in Boston?

Now, I know there are tons of Bostonite blogs, espe­cial­ly giv­en the 250,000 uni­ver­si­ty stu­dents that are here. is doing a good job of set­ting up social gath­er­ings for us Boston-based blog freaks—although I can’t bring myself to attend one. Call it social pho­bia. Avoid­ance. Whatever.

Still, attempt­ing to tack­le some­thing on the scale of would be a chal­lenge. Christ, mak­ing the maps them­selves would pose all kinds of issues. And would blog­gers in Boston be inter­est­ed in such a thing?

New York­ers famous­ly have attach­ments to their dif­fer­ent sub­way lines—be it the F, A/C, 1/9 etc. It would be inter­est­ing to see the same kind of B‑line or Red-line pride here in Boston. Once the back-end data­base stuff is devel­oped, I could see branch­ing out to oth­er cities—Buffalo per­haps? Pub­lic Trans­porta­tion needs a cheerleader!

If any­one in Boston reads this and think that it is a worth­while endeav­or, shoot me an email. Maybe it’d be a good collaboration.

Katya plays fetch

Our cat Katya is learn­ing to play fetch like a prop­er dog… She has this ten­nis wrist­band of mine that we call her “binky”, and she loves run­ning around with it in her mouth.

Recent­ly we’ve been work­ing on “catch”—throwing this thing up in the air, and get­ting her to time it in order to catch it. She’s good.

So, today, I decid­ed to start throw­ing the thing across the room, and BEHOLD! she brings it back, and sets it down in front of me.

Con­tin­ue read­ing ‘Katya plays fetch’

Far From Heaven

Review: A+

Julianne Moore has always rep­re­sent­ed some­thing pecu­liar to me– an actress who get all the best roles, but rarely con­vinces me that she’s wor­thy of that right. Case in point: Her accent in the Big Lebows­ki was down­right irri­tat­ing, have you seen the Ship­ping News(?), and the deal was sealed when she stepped into Jodie Fos­ter’s shoes in Hannibal.

Yet peo­ple run around say­ing that she should be a nom­i­nat­ed for 4 best-actress oscars every year.

Well, let me tem­per my anger, because I’ve just watched Todd Haynes’ mas­ter­ful­ly writ­ten and direct­ed Far From Heav­en, star­ring Moore and Den­nis Quaid.

This film is a study in 1950s real­ism and atri­fice, from the open­ing cred­its and music score, to the hid­den worlds of gen­der roles, sex­u­al­i­ty and race. If you want to know the basic sto­ry, you can read Wes­ley Mor­ris’ Globe review here.

I agree with Mor­ris’ asser­tion that Moore is absolute­ly incred­i­ble– warm, deter­mined, and nat­ur­al, in a way I’ve nev­er seen before. And the film, despite its set­ting and time peri­od, is a gen­uine and sym­pa­thet­ic sto­ry, treat­ed untyp­i­cal­ly with­out much irony. Haynes seems hell bent on re-recon­struct­ing the 50s nar­ra­tive in this tone, while includ­ing those nasty lit­tle issues that have always been either swept under the rug, or lam­bast­ed as vir­u­lent­ly as the Taliban.

One thing that struck me as odd, while watch­ing Far From Heav­en, was that the Den­nis Quaid char­ac­ter was giv­en lit­tle of the sym­pa­thet­ic ener­gy. What does it say that the gay Haynes has lit­tle to say about a clos­et­ted homo­sex­u­al mas­querad­ing as a het­ero Orga­ni­za­tion Man?

The crux of the sto­ry lies with Moore, and my two cents are that Julianne has earned her­self a tru­ly deserv­ing oscar nomination.

New Specs

We’re con­tin­u­ing the pic­to­r­i­al theme today here in nedsville… Picked up my new eye­glass­es from Eye‑Q Har­vard Square.

Check it out here.

Desk Construction

I final­ly fin­ished build­ing my new desk… I used a hol­low-core door, which I stained green, and coat­ed with Poly-Acryl­lic. Then I cre­at­ed a 1x4 frame under­neath, out­lin­ing the desk for re-inforce­ment. The legs are made out of 4x4 fence post, and attatched with deck hardware.

Some prob­lems:
· It had to be 6′6″ long
· I made it only 2′ deep
· It kin­da looks industrial

Here’s some pics.

Suckahs Swag

I added some new suck­ahs swag items, and a link on to our online shop.

Save Karyn

Cred­it card debt has been a recur­ring theme in my life, start­ing in 1996 when I applied for my first Dis­cov­er Card. After eras­ing my col­lege debt after a year+ of work, I got laid off, and now I’m in the same situation.

Any­way, I’m buy­ing new glass­es this week for $275, because I lost mine. Ask Pres­ley how that hap­pened, it does­n’t make any sense.

Enter Karyn: some­one who racked up $20,000 in debt, but decid­ed to pan­han­dle her way out of debt.

  · Help her out:
  · Or don’t

Democrats, Post Mortem

More fall­out from the elec­tion:– Do you the peo­ple who start­ed this, work at the DNC? Sil­ly people.

I don’t quite get how that is at all help­ful, but I can sym­pa­thize with the sen­ti­ment. I think this elec­tion is going to light a fire. I won­der if there are any Dems get­ting togeth­er to oppose the nation­al lead­er­ship? Gephardt is out, but there is not any­one to chal­lenge Daschle, and all the nation­al Dems are still singing the prais­es of Ter­ry McAu­li­ffe, despite los­ing every­thing last Tuesday.

Soul search­ing. Here’s my con­tri­bu­tion to some humor on this awful fuck­ing week:

Curb your Anger

I’ve been enjoy­ing Lar­ry David’s show, Curb Your Enthu­si­asm, late­ly… I hat­ed it’s impro­vised for­mat in the begin­ning, but it seems to me that a) the actors are get­ting more com­fort­able, b) Lar­ry is such a prick and i love it, or c) i just got used to it.

Speak­ing of being a prick, Mena of Move­able Type tells an amus­ing sto­ry about Ben (co-cre­ator, hus­band), and call­ing a preist a “prick”. Time to man­age that anger, turn the frown upside down, yada yada. I need some of that pos­i­tive vibe– I’m such a drag latetly.

The Vacuum

Jeb steals another
I wrote a very crude fea­turette on yesterday’s elec­tion dis­as­ter on

…I’d like to say that I don’t believe that Democ­rats should be look­ing for any kind of sil­ver lin­ing out of this. I sup­pose you can talk about 9/11 and the reeval­u­a­tion of Amer­i­can val­ues, but in every race that I was pay­ing close atten­tion to… the Demo­c­ra­t­ic can­di­date just plain screwed up.”

* Read More *

Another Blogger Site Bites the Dust

Speak­ing of which, I just redid Macy’s ( ) site.

I think the design is less Jet­sons, and more high-end mag­a­ziney, if that makes sense. Macy looks nice, and Albany Dan and 666 goof­ing off in the back­ground is in the spir­it of all that is Suckahs…

Sooo, of all the suck­ahs sites, that leaves just the main site with Blog­ger

Blogger this, Blogger that…

I’m get­ting increas­ing­ly wor­ried about Blog­ger late­ly. I’ve since migrat­ed pres­ley, albany­dan, and this site from Blog­ger to Move­able Type, but I’ve been resist­ing the move of the main domain to it, for some known reasons…

For one, I paid $35 for the PRO ver­sion of Blog­ger, for the privledge of extra fea­tures– most of which seem not to have shown them­selves yet. Sec­ond, Blog­ger is easy, and it was hard enough try­ing to edu­cate peo­ple enough to use that. Switch­ing to Move­able Type would be a whole oth­er step.

But the recent hack of Blog­ger is kind of dis­turb­ing, when you con­sid­er that blog­ger is a cen­tral­ized data­base of mil­lions of accounts– and each of the mil­lion or so users who join Blog­ger has to give their serv­er logins and pass­words for it to func­tion– it’s obvi­ous that Blog­ger is an easy target…

Basi­cal­ly, for a few hours last fri­day, any­one could log into any account and do what they please– so long as you knew what user­name to login as. SCARY. If you want, read Anil’s explaina­tion here, to get a bet­ter idea. I think Suck­ahs might just have to give up on Blog­ger.