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Make A Hand-Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving friends! Can’t wait to eat.

Like making crafts? Make A Hand-Turkey!

Interviews with a Geek

Guess who got an interview with MIT for a job? Yours truly.

I am still waiting for the perfect job at Simmons College to call me back. They have OS X G4s and 22″ Cinema Displays there, and, well, it’s a girls’ college.

packing up for turkey

Well, we’re getting ready to head “home” for Thanksgiving. Great that there is a fucking snow storm on it’s way! just enough to make the journey unenjoyable!

I have a todo list:

  • clean the car
  • get the car vacuumed
  • take out the air conditioner and put it in the car
  • pack a suitcase
  • pack the cat’s shit
  • clip the cat’s goddamn nails
  • give the snotty cat a bath
  • throw out parishibles
  • take out the trash
  • send a rent check when i don’t have the money in the bank?
  • cry that i don’t have money in the bank
  • think of how best to break it to my parents that i have no money in the bank


how’s that old song go?

When someone you don’t know smiles at you, it kind of penetrates any sort of front you pose.

IDEA! Boston ‘T’ Blog

Today I was sitting at the 1369 coffeehouse in Central Sq., as I do most days of the week, reading the papers and generally absorbing the happenings… some guy in a shirt-and-tie fretting over Excel spreadsheets at his laptop on my right. Another guy on my left, copiously practicing Chinese-looking script for words like “cow”, “apartment” and “love”. Ahead of me was a man in his mid-40s sitting with his young son, who was playing Gameboy and occasionally chatting with some of the people who work there. One of these girls was taking a break with a coffee, bagel and the New York Times. I liked her Lacoste Izod polo shirt.

Anyway, I had time to sit there, in-between reading the Globe, Herald, Times and the Cambridge Tab, to think about the merits of living in a place like Cambridge. I really have a lot of love for this side of the river—be it the bars, the wacky academic types walking around, or the Red Line. It’s got such a community feeling—even for somebody like me who prefers to sit and watch rather than interact.

For some reason, I began thinking about, a project that intended to create a geographic community of New York bloggers, based on which subway stop they lived near. I love maps, public transportation, and I couldn’t help but be in awe at the shear balls it must’ve took to tackle such a project of that scope. I thought, why not try to do that in Boston?

Now, I know there are tons of Bostonite blogs, especially given the 250,000 university students that are here. is doing a good job of setting up social gatherings for us Boston-based blog freaks—although I can’t bring myself to attend one. Call it social phobia. Avoidance. Whatever.

Still, attempting to tackle something on the scale of would be a challenge. Christ, making the maps themselves would pose all kinds of issues. And would bloggers in Boston be interested in such a thing?

New Yorkers famously have attachments to their different subway lines—be it the F, A/C, 1/9 etc. It would be interesting to see the same kind of B-line or Red-line pride here in Boston. Once the back-end database stuff is developed, I could see branching out to other cities—Buffalo perhaps? Public Transportation needs a cheerleader!

If anyone in Boston reads this and think that it is a worthwhile endeavor, shoot me an email. Maybe it’d be a good collaboration.

Katya plays fetch

Our cat Katya is learning to play fetch like a proper dog… She has this tennis wristband of mine that we call her “binky”, and she loves running around with it in her mouth.

Recently we’ve been working on “catch”—throwing this thing up in the air, and getting her to time it in order to catch it. She’s good.

So, today, I decided to start throwing the thing across the room, and BEHOLD! she brings it back, and sets it down in front of me.

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Far From Heaven

Review: A+

Julianne Moore has always represented something peculiar to me– an actress who get all the best roles, but rarely convinces me that she’s worthy of that right. Case in point: Her accent in the Big Lebowski was downright irritating, have you seen the Shipping News(?), and the deal was sealed when she stepped into Jodie Foster’s shoes in Hannibal.

Yet people run around saying that she should be a nominated for 4 best-actress oscars every year.

Well, let me temper my anger, because I’ve just watched Todd Haynes’ masterfully written and directed Far From Heaven, starring Moore and Dennis Quaid.

This film is a study in 1950s realism and atrifice, from the opening credits and music score, to the hidden worlds of gender roles, sexuality and race. If you want to know the basic story, you can read Wesley Morris’ Globe review here.

I agree with Morris’ assertion that Moore is absolutely incredible– warm, determined, and natural, in a way I’ve never seen before. And the film, despite its setting and time period, is a genuine and sympathetic story, treated untypically without much irony. Haynes seems hell bent on re-reconstructing the 50s narrative in this tone, while including those nasty little issues that have always been either swept under the rug, or lambasted as virulently as the Taliban.

One thing that struck me as odd, while watching Far From Heaven, was that the Dennis Quaid character was given little of the sympathetic energy. What does it say that the gay Haynes has little to say about a closetted homosexual masquerading as a hetero Organization Man?

The crux of the story lies with Moore, and my two cents are that Julianne has earned herself a truly deserving oscar nomination.

New Specs

We’re continuing the pictorial theme today here in nedsville… Picked up my new eyeglasses from Eye-Q Harvard Square.

Check it out here.

Desk Construction

I finally finished building my new desk… I used a hollow-core door, which I stained green, and coated with Poly-Acryllic. Then I created a 1×4 frame underneath, outlining the desk for re-inforcement. The legs are made out of 4×4 fence post, and attatched with deck hardware.

Some problems:
· It had to be 6’6″ long
· I made it only 2′ deep
· It kinda looks industrial

Here’s some pics.

Suckahs Swag

I added some new suckahs swag items, and a link on to our online shop.

Save Karyn

Credit card debt has been a recurring theme in my life, starting in 1996 when I applied for my first Discover Card. After erasing my college debt after a year+ of work, I got laid off, and now I’m in the same situation.

Anyway, I’m buying new glasses this week for $275, because I lost mine. Ask Presley how that happened, it doesn’t make any sense.

Enter Karyn: someone who racked up $20,000 in debt, but decided to panhandle her way out of debt.

  · Help her out:
  · Or don’t

Democrats, Post Mortem

More fallout from the election:— Do you the people who started this, work at the DNC? Silly people.

I don’t quite get how that is at all helpful, but I can sympathize with the sentiment. I think this election is going to light a fire. I wonder if there are any Dems getting together to oppose the national leadership? Gephardt is out, but there is not anyone to challenge Daschle, and all the national Dems are still singing the praises of Terry McAuliffe, despite losing everything last Tuesday.

Soul searching. Here’s my contribution to some humor on this awful fucking week:

Curb your Anger

I’ve been enjoying Larry David’s show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, lately… I hated it’s improvised format in the beginning, but it seems to me that a) the actors are getting more comfortable, b) Larry is such a prick and i love it, or c) i just got used to it.

Speaking of being a prick, Mena of Moveable Type tells an amusing story about Ben (co-creator, husband), and calling a preist a “prick”. Time to manage that anger, turn the frown upside down, yada yada. I need some of that positive vibe– I’m such a drag latetly.

The Vacuum

Jeb steals another
I wrote a very crude featurette on yesterday’s election disaster on

“…I’d like to say that I don’t believe that Democrats should be looking for any kind of silver lining out of this. I suppose you can talk about 9/11 and the reevaluation of American values, but in every race that I was paying close attention to… the Democratic candidate just plain screwed up.”

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Another Blogger Site Bites the Dust

Speaking of which, I just redid Macy’s ( ) site.

I think the design is less Jetsons, and more high-end magaziney, if that makes sense. Macy looks nice, and Albany Dan and 666 goofing off in the background is in the spirit of all that is Suckahs…

Sooo, of all the suckahs sites, that leaves just the main site with Blogger

Blogger this, Blogger that…

I’m getting increasingly worried about Blogger lately. I’ve since migrated presley, albanydan, and this site from Blogger to Moveable Type, but I’ve been resisting the move of the main domain to it, for some known reasons…

For one, I paid $35 for the PRO version of Blogger, for the privledge of extra features– most of which seem not to have shown themselves yet. Second, Blogger is easy, and it was hard enough trying to educate people enough to use that. Switching to Moveable Type would be a whole other step.

But the recent hack of Blogger is kind of disturbing, when you consider that blogger is a centralized database of millions of accounts– and each of the million or so users who join Blogger has to give their server logins and passwords for it to function– it’s obvious that Blogger is an easy target…

Basically, for a few hours last friday, anyone could log into any account and do what they please– so long as you knew what username to login as. SCARY. If you want, read Anil’s explaination here, to get a better idea. I think Suckahs might just have to give up on Blogger.