Blogger this, Blogger that…

I’m getting increasingly worried about Blogger lately. I’ve since migrated presley, albanydan, and this site from Blogger to Moveable Type, but I’ve been resisting the move of the main domain to it, for some known reasons…

For one, I paid $35 for the PRO version of Blogger, for the privledge of extra features– most of which seem not to have shown themselves yet. Second, Blogger is easy, and it was hard enough trying to educate people enough to use that. Switching to Moveable Type would be a whole other step.

But the recent hack of Blogger is kind of disturbing, when you consider that blogger is a centralized database of millions of accounts– and each of the million or so users who join Blogger has to give their server logins and passwords for it to function– it’s obvious that Blogger is an easy target…

Basically, for a few hours last friday, anyone could log into any account and do what they please– so long as you knew what username to login as. SCARY. If you want, read Anil’s explaination here, to get a better idea. I think Suckahs might just have to give up on Blogger.

4 Responses to “Blogger this, Blogger that…”

  • that’s ok. we can move.

  • ahhhh… i just may.

    check out the next post!

  • I think ukazu and suckahs have a lot in common — and I know I’m complimenting myself by saying so, but that’s not my intent. I want to give you a little confidence. I know your people can make the switch, and probably without much handholding. I know with our group, the biggest trouble for people was understanding the online publishing model. That nastiness got handled during the blogger stage, and the transition to MovableType didn’t bring any extra headaches.

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