Blogger this, Blogger that…

I’m get­ting increas­ing­ly wor­ried about Blog­ger late­ly. I’ve since migrat­ed pres­ley, albany­dan, and this site from Blog­ger to Move­able Type, but I’ve been resist­ing the move of the main domain to it, for some known reasons…

For one, I paid $35 for the PRO ver­sion of Blog­ger, for the privledge of extra fea­tures– most of which seem not to have shown them­selves yet. Sec­ond, Blog­ger is easy, and it was hard enough try­ing to edu­cate peo­ple enough to use that. Switch­ing to Move­able Type would be a whole oth­er step.

But the recent hack of Blog­ger is kind of dis­turb­ing, when you con­sid­er that blog­ger is a cen­tral­ized data­base of mil­lions of accounts– and each of the mil­lion or so users who join Blog­ger has to give their serv­er logins and pass­words for it to func­tion– it’s obvi­ous that Blog­ger is an easy target…

Basi­cal­ly, for a few hours last fri­day, any­one could log into any account and do what they please– so long as you knew what user­name to login as. SCARY. If you want, read Anil’s explaina­tion here, to get a bet­ter idea. I think Suck­ahs might just have to give up on Blog­ger.

4 Responses to “Blogger this, Blogger that…”

  • that’s ok. we can move.

  • ahh­hh… i just may.

    check out the next post!

  • I think ukazu and suck­ahs have a lot in com­mon — and I know I’m com­pli­ment­ing myself by say­ing so, but that’s not my intent. I want to give you a lit­tle con­fi­dence. I know your peo­ple can make the switch, and prob­a­bly with­out much hand­hold­ing. I know with our group, the biggest trou­ble for peo­ple was under­stand­ing the online pub­lish­ing mod­el. That nas­ti­ness got han­dled dur­ing the blog­ger stage, and the tran­si­tion to Mov­able­Type did­n’t bring any extra headaches.

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