Democrats, Post Mortem

More fall­out from the elec­tion:– Do you the peo­ple who start­ed this, work at the DNC? Sil­ly people.

I don’t quite get how that is at all help­ful, but I can sym­pa­thize with the sen­ti­ment. I think this elec­tion is going to light a fire. I won­der if there are any Dems get­ting togeth­er to oppose the nation­al lead­er­ship? Gephardt is out, but there is not any­one to chal­lenge Daschle, and all the nation­al Dems are still singing the prais­es of Ter­ry McAu­li­ffe, despite los­ing every­thing last Tuesday.

Soul search­ing. Here’s my con­tri­bu­tion to some humor on this awful fuck­ing week:

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  • oh smart is toles? seri­ous­ly. he has to be the sharpest and most amus­ing polit­i­cal car­toon­ist and god bless ‘im, he’s a buffalonian.

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