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Cred­it card debt has been a recur­ring theme in my life, start­ing in 1996 when I applied for my first Dis­cov­er Card. After eras­ing my col­lege debt after a year+ of work, I got laid off, and now I’m in the same situation.

Any­way, I’m buy­ing new glass­es this week for $275, because I lost mine. Ask Pres­ley how that hap­pened, it does­n’t make any sense.

Enter Karyn: some­one who racked up $20,000 in debt, but decid­ed to pan­han­dle her way out of debt.

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  • fuck karyn. find me a job.

  • I think this is a blonde-girl type of thing — i say sup­port the men at

  • In case any­one has heard. Karyn paid off all her debt. All $20,000 is now his­to­ry. And with any hope will stay that way.

    She has kept her promise to pass the buck to some­one else. She had so many peo­ple write she decid­ed to add one per­son a week to her list.

    First was Save Elaine. A strug­gling Opera singer.

    Sec­ond was Help Heather. She has Ovar­i­an Cancer.

    Per­haps the mar­ket­ing momen­tum from Karyn will help out those to people.

    If either of you read this I would be will­ing to trade links on my web­site with you to help out.


  • I am so glad that the peo­ple helped out a younger per­son that made a mis­take, it hap­pens and it was helped by car­ing peo­ple. If you can vis­it a new web­site and see what hap­pens to peo­ple by no fault of their own. Please help. Vis­it:

  • I did­n’t help karyn, but, I did help her:
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  • Hi my name is Jen­na and I am preg­nant. I have 9 weeks before the baby is due and I have a 16 month old son. Please check out our site. Our fam­i­ly needs help! Thank you.

    Hi, my name is Jen­na. I am 24 years old. My hus­band, Tony is 35 years old. Our son is 16 months old and I am expect­ing my sec­ond child, a Daugh­ter on April 1, 2003. Her name is going to be Cree Autumn.

    Life was very good for us until recent­ly when every­thing hit rock bot­tom. My hus­band lost his job. The com­pa­ny he was work­ing for was down-siz­ing. He had put in approx­i­mate­ly 100 appli­ca­tions. Com­pa­nies are not hir­ing any­where in our area. Through Work Force my hus­band is going to school for Heat­ing and Cool­ing for two years. Because I am preg­nant and hem­or­rhag­ing, Doc­tor’s say I can not work in fear of los­ing the baby. We get some assis­tance but not enough to pay our rent. We will be kicked out soon for back rent. My hus­band’s car was repos­s­esed and all we have left is a decrepit Ford Escort which we will be los­ing soon. My hus­band, Tony is being sued for cred­it card debt. We have no heat at night and it is below zero where we live. The Land Lady said she can’t fix the fur­nace until we pay her rent. We have been very sick. I am get­ting ulcers on my tongue which the Doc­tor said it is caused by stress. I am so afraid for my baby and unborn daugh­ter. Today I had to goto court again because the Doc­tor’s and Hos­pi­tal is sue­ing us for when I was on life sup­port a cou­ple of years ago from falling 24 ft. on my head. I don’t know what we are going to do. I am so depressed. I cry day and night. We need help but there is no fam­i­ly that can help us. I pray that help will come soon. Life has to get bet­ter than this.

    Jen­na Sutter
    P.O. Box 593
    Crown Point, IN 46308–593

  • Hey every­one,

    I’m just a nor­mal, 31-year old guy in St. Louis who is los­ing his hair. I’m try­ing to save it through doing com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice and ask­ing for donations.

    Please check out my site. If noth­ing else, you can laugh at a bald­ing guy.


  • The site I give broke my heart! If that lady on TV Karyn
    can get dona­tions to pay shop­ping cred­it cards, then
    peo­ple need to awake and see that ther are folks that
    ACTUALLY need alit­tle help­ing hand. Keep this family
    in your prayers and in your heart. Please vis­it. I mailed a dollar.
    I hope some can do more. Hug­gs, Melanie

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