Desk Construction

I final­ly fin­ished build­ing my new desk… I used a hol­low-core door, which I stained green, and coat­ed with Poly-Acryl­lic. Then I cre­at­ed a 1x4 frame under­neath, out­lin­ing the desk for re-inforce­ment. The legs are made out of 4x4 fence post, and attatched with deck hardware.

Some prob­lems:
· It had to be 6′6″ long
· I made it only 2′ deep
· It kin­da looks industrial

Here’s some pics.

2 Responses to “Desk Construction”

  • well hot damn! i think it looks faaaaabulous.

  • I just refin­ished a front bed­room & am going to use the clos­et door for a desk. It has the hole from the door­knob — ok with me, per­fect to feed all the com­put­er cords through. I am set­ting my door on top of 2 melamine cab­i­nets. Will refin­ish with a nice paint job. I intend to attach some thin pan­el­ing (bead­board) or some type of MDF to the perime­ter of the door, from the top edge to the floor. Then will add some MDF trim mould­ing around the top & bot­tom of that to make it appear “sol­id”. Very cheap & should look ter­rif­ic! You could add the pan­el­ing to yours if you don’t like the indus­tri­al look. The hol­low core door should have 2×4 around the perime­ter to nail in to.

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