Desk Construction

I finally finished building my new desk… I used a hollow-core door, which I stained green, and coated with Poly-Acryllic. Then I created a 1×4 frame underneath, outlining the desk for re-inforcement. The legs are made out of 4×4 fence post, and attatched with deck hardware.

Some problems:
· It had to be 6’6″ long
· I made it only 2′ deep
· It kinda looks industrial

Here’s some pics.

2 Responses to “Desk Construction”

  • well hot damn! i think it looks faaaaabulous.

  • I just refinished a front bedroom & am going to use the closet door for a desk. It has the hole from the doorknob – ok with me, perfect to feed all the computer cords through. I am setting my door on top of 2 melamine cabinets. Will refinish with a nice paint job. I intend to attach some thin paneling (beadboard) or some type of MDF to the perimeter of the door, from the top edge to the floor. Then will add some MDF trim moulding around the top & bottom of that to make it appear “solid”. Very cheap & should look terrific! You could add the paneling to yours if you don’t like the industrial look. The hollow core door should have 2×4 around the perimeter to nail in to.

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