New Phono & Vinyls

Pres­ley brought back her turntable from Buf­fa­lo, and sud­den­ly I find myself redis­cov­er­ing the joy of records. I for­got to bring back all my Clash, U2 and oth­er LPs I had when grow­ing up, but she has plen­ty of aur­al good­ness to stick a nee­dle into.

And today, I bought two of my favorite LPs from MoJo Records:

· The Cure, Faith
· The Smiths, Strange­ways, Here We Come

There seemed to be a real lack of used 90s indie things like stere­o­lab, belle and sebas­t­ian, pave­ment and the pix­ies… but then again, maybe peo­ple are still too young to part with them. I hate to pay full price for Vinyl…

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