Fun with Sidebars

An update on the new Daily Bookmarks feature on Suckahs… Tonite I was browsing around the net, not looking for anything in particular… When i noticed something on Dawn‘s site: a link that opened content in the IE Sidebar.

Cool, right? However, before you start jumping up and down, this only works in IE 5+ only… Netscape 6+ has sidebars too, but the code used is completely different.

SO, I started working on the Javascript to sniff out the browser, (either IE or Netscape), and then to display the link to the relevant Sidebar.

· If you’re using IE, it gives you this.
· and this if you’ve got Netscape 6+.

3 Responses to “Fun with Sidebars”

  • Of course, now that i’m in Buffalo on my parents’ iMac, I see that i didn’t account for the macintosh.

    i’ll add the jscript when i get back to boston. till then, sorry mac fiends. Does it work in OS X?

  • Instead of javascript open for the IE version, you could just do an a href=URL target=_search :) Of course, you may have reasons of your own for doing it the javascript way.

  • would that solve the Mac IE problem?

    I love OS X to fucking death. All of the Microsft soft looks and behaves better on the mac.

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