You Shall Know Our Velocity

You shall sitI’ve been reading a lot lately, just not talking much about it. I finally finished getting through McSweeney’s Issue No. 5… I had previously just skimmed it.

While visiting Kunta in Brooklyn, we stumbled into the McSweeney’s store on 7th ave, and I found it such an odd, futilely amusing place.

I mean, your typical McSweeney’s reader isn’t inclined to buy and sport a tshirt, is he or she? And as for the other random items they sell, though I enjoyed pawing through them, they aren’t at all desirable to purchase.

I guess that’s not the point: McSweeney’s is as much a brand, or anti-brand brand as any other buzz-worthy commodity. Eggers’ & crew are image-crafters as much as they are writers, and if that means opening a boutique at considerable expense, then hey, do it.

That said, I ordered Eggers’ new book You Shall Know Our Velocity, and it came via UPS today.

First impression, having read 1.5 pages? The incessant self-reflexive posturing in the introduction of his first book is reigned. In fact, the novel begins on the front cover, continues on the reverse of the cover, and takes off from there, without any introduction.

Gimmicky? Yes. Interesting? Always.

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