You Shall Know Our Velocity

You shall sitI’ve been read­ing a lot late­ly, just not talk­ing much about it. I final­ly fin­ished get­ting through McSweeney’s Issue No. 5… I had pre­vi­ous­ly just skimmed it.

While vis­it­ing Kun­ta in Brook­lyn, we stum­bled into the McSweeney’s store on 7th ave, and I found it such an odd, futile­ly amus­ing place.

I mean, your typ­i­cal McSweeney’s read­er isn’t inclined to buy and sport a tshirt, is he or she? And as for the oth­er ran­dom items they sell, though I enjoyed paw­ing through them, they aren’t at all desir­able to pur­chase.

I guess that’s not the point: McSweeney’s is as much a brand, or anti-brand brand as any oth­er buzz-wor­thy com­mod­i­ty. Eggers’ & crew are image-crafters as much as they are writ­ers, and if that means open­ing a bou­tique at con­sid­er­able expense, then hey, do it.

That said, I ordered Eggers’ new book You Shall Know Our Veloc­i­ty, and it came via UPS today.

First impres­sion, hav­ing read 1.5 pages? The inces­sant self-reflex­ive pos­tur­ing in the intro­duc­tion of his first book is reigned. In fact, the nov­el begins on the front cov­er, con­tin­ues on the reverse of the cov­er, and takes off from there, with­out any introduction.

Gim­micky? Yes. Inter­est­ing? Always.

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