Albany Dan’s Site is Down Up

NOTICE: If any­one is won­der­ing why the suck­ahs sites have been down inter­mit­tent­ly this morn­ing, it’s because I tweaked some of the MT tem­plates on Albany Dan’s page, and there is some kind of open loop thing hap­pen­ing. The pages were just hang­ing, and even­tu­al­ly the serv­er cut every­thing off. So now, I must rewrite his templates.

UPDATE: Every­thing is fixed. Just took about 10 min­utes of care­ful review to fix. Also, I got rid of all the DHTML lay­er­ing that seemed so cool in 2000, and replaced it with good ole’ fash­ioned tables. I’ve yet to make a site lay­out in pure CSS. I am not start­ing today.

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