So, to go along with the prob­lems Suck­ahs has been expe­ri­enc­ing in the past 72 hours, I’ve got a virus on my com­put­er, and I’m spend­ing my sleep­ing hours try­ing to clean it up. I need to pur­chase Nor­ton Inter­net Secu­ri­ty I think. What a mess.

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  • ken,
    i think Nor­ton is the best anti-virus soft­ware, despite the fact that it wasn’t able to deal with my hllp.handy virus.…

    the best thing you can do is stay cur­rent with your updates, and upgrade every year.

    But, that’s just my pref­er­ence.

  • I just removd Handy… but it’s wierd becaus I don’t use Kazaa .…. maybe I caught it from Direct Con­nect.
    Any­way I dun­no if it’s linked or not, but my hd starts behav­ing odd­ly (writ­ing errors and messed up clus­ter). Urgh.…..

  • lol this isnt even a very threat­en­ing virus, its quite sim­ple, all you need is NAV. Restart your com­put­er in safe mode, run NAV, update, scan, presto, virus is gone. This will take many hours depend­ing on how many files you have. But it is cru­cial you do this IN SAFE MODE. Virus, atleast of this nature will not run in safe mode.

    get­ting to safe mode: when the com­put­er begins to start up, start press­ing F8 alot, or esc. If all else fails, mash keys on start-up.

  • This virus change the size of your file and make your dri­ver run­ning and run­ning with no stop­ping, slow­ing down your com­put­er. If you don’t have virus remover, start your sys­tem again and do not run the same file. It only start if you click on infect­ed file.Before run­ning any oth­er pro­gram you have to run Nor­ton 2 or 3 times(full search).Only one time you will still have the same virus.Delete the infect­ed files found.This virus use to reac­ti­vate itself if you click on the same file.Use a clean copy from you disk.Delete file like Savenow00.exe, savenow001.exe and any file start­ing with JOI in windows\temp like Joi6, joi10 etc..Other virus pop­u­lar in Kaaza is svchost.exe and ffhmdhboc.exe. Down­load a free antivirus here if you don’t have one: http://www.grisoft.com

  • Good advice, Jason. It hadn’t occured to me to try scan­ning in Safe Mode…

  • i just got swat it (free prog) and it trig­gered nor­ton antivirus that i had the handy virus.…..under XP bythe­way

  • Get this guys, I was down­load­ing some­thing from Kazaa when all of a sud­den, my nor­tons caught this pesky lit­tle bug. It said that it repaired the file and that was that. I decid­ed to also go to house­calls and run a online scan and noth­ing was detect­ed. How­ev­er, when reboot­ing the pc, it hung after detect­ing dri­ves, reboot­ed again and got the same. I dis­abled my onboard lan and plugged in a new nic. I shut down for a few and boot­ed up into windows2k but can­not browse. All my set­tings are cor­rect and I am able to ping the gate­way and this pc but, can­not browse. Any ideas on how to fix IE before I have to reformat???Thank you for any advice.

  • Hel­lo, I have been using kazaa until I down­loaded a file which my ful­ly updat­ed Nor­ton Antivirus 2003 detect­ed as been w32.Handy or Hanteer. Appar­ent­ly it man­aged to remove it and the dam­age it caus­es is very nil. I dont think so. Ran­dom­ly my hard­drive stops spin­ning often on boot up or when pro­grams are load­ing. my red HDD light on the PC tow­er stays lit and no PC activ­i­ty hap­pens. Boot­ing up this hap­pens most often. I have a SECOND PC that seemed to of caught this virus again on kazaa and exact­ly the same things are hap­pen­ing to that PC #2. I have load­ing most recent ver­sion and virus def­i­n­i­tions with blood­hound on max­i­mum lev­el, Ive run hard­drive diag­nos­tics from the man­fac­ture (West­ern dig­i­tal life­guard tools) it reports abso­lut­ly no prob­leems at all. This is hap­pen­ing more and more often I real­ly need help. I tryed reflash­ing my bios and that fixed it for abit but now its com­ming back again and its hap­pen­ing more often (Hard­drive stops and red HDD lights up with no PC activ­i­ty at all!!!) help its not hard­ware I dont think. Ive checked all the IDE cables and ATX pow­er in the back of the hard­drive and they are total­ly secure and fine. need help urgent­ly
    all chipset dri­vers are installeed ext.
    30GB West­ern dig­i­tal 7200RPM (Buffer?)
    Abit KD7-E Moth­er­board with top ver­sion of bios.

  • rite.. we have got a sit­u­a­tion with the W32.HLLP.Handy virus. What we need to do is find the per­son respon­si­ble for this action and painful­ly hurt “it”… It’s real­ly sad that peo­ple have to make virus­es because they shall get a 5 year jail sen­tence and a 20 year com­put­er ban. If any­one finds a solu­tion please let me know as soon as pos­si­ble. Thank You

  • Okay…I just van­quished this bitch. I too was unable to access the file because it was in use or I did not have the right to access. So, I pulled up the trusty DOS prompt and delet­ed 1 2 3.

    Have you hugged your DOS today?

  • How did you do that? i got this damn virus last nite from some­thing i start­ed to d/l. i have the newest ver­sion of nor­ton but it can’t fix, quar­en­tine or delete it. i tried to man­u­al­ly delete it but that wouldn’t work either. it doesn’t look like it spread yet but i need to delete now! what am i sup­posed 2 do?

  • How did you do that? i got this damn virus last nite from some­thing i start­ed to d/l off of kazaa. i have the newest ver­sion of nor­ton but it can’t fix, quar­en­tine or delete it. i tried to man­u­al­ly delete it but that wouldn’t work either. it doesn’t look like it spread yet but i need to delete now! what am i sup­posed 2 do?

  • When Nor­ton scans for the virus and even­tu­al­ly finds it, you can view the path. So, just write down the path and fol­low it from your DOS prompt (START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, COMAND PROMPT).

    This will allow you to delete it, because it is not in use.

  • yo dudes i just got rid of that virus. this is what i did. i sat around star­ing at my com­put­er with was going slow due to the virus mem­o­ry lim­i­ta­tions then, i opened up a com­mand prompt and start­ed typ­ing vul­gar lan­guage in to it. then i decid­ed to take my key­board and set it on fire. it was sweet. it should me on my web site by the end of the month. well ne way i got rid of the virus by run­ning nor­ton like 10 times. they say its stealth.

  • any one know what this virus real­ly does?W32.HLLP.Handy
    i just found it with NAV and i have had very lit­tle prob­lems with my com­put­er.
    my one prob­lem was/is all my net­work con­nec­tions dis­a­peard and my inter­net con­nec­tion con­nets as a WAN Inter­face. it kin­na sucks cuz i dont know how to dis­con­nect with out restart­ing my system.(this may have noth­ing to do with the virus W32.HLLP.Handy.
    But if any one know what it does to the sys­tem oth­er than spread thro kazaa please let me know.

  • This is the 3rd virus spread­ed through Kazaa. I will rec­om­mend every­one to unistall the pro­gram. Try Win­Mx shar­ing pro­gram instead.
    For those who wants to know what the virus W32.HLLP.Handy does, is files in KaZaa shared fold­ers grow in size. You Dri­ve free space will be small­er and small­er. Then your sys­tem will be very slow and it will not nor­maly per­form.
    The best way to get rid of it is not to repair the infect­ed files but to delete them.
    For those who have prob­lem with Nor­ton, should do a Online virus scan. Try the fol­low­ing:

    1. Desable Sys­tem Restore

    2. Restart your Com­put­er

    3. Run On line virus scan. go to> http://housecall.trendmicro.com/
    (It is free) Let the scan DELETE the infect­ed files. NOT TO REPAIR them.
    Get rid of the Kazaa pro­gram, clear the shared fold­ers or delet­ed them if you don’t need them. This way you will get back your free space.

    4. Run Disk check and Disk difrag­menter

    5. Restart your Com­put­er

    6. Enable Sys­tem Restore

    7. Now update your own antivirus and run a fun scan to see what results you get.

    Let us know if this works for you
    Good Luck!!!

    P Ares

  • Ugh, this virus sucks don­key. I had a tro­jan and this pesky lil bug. I’ve already delet­ed it once but it is back even though I havn’t used kazaa since. I think it might’ve infect­ed nor­ton because nor­ton is updat­ed and still fail­ing to be a good virus scan­ner. I’ve had the fol­low­ing odd­i­ties with my com­put­er: Sound prob­lems, my icons keep los­ing their..icons, my icons are scram­bled-exe icon for jpeg, slows com­put­er hor­ri­bly, blue screens of death, POP UPS ;_;..Hopefully F-prot will kill it…forever.

  • yeah some­thing hap­pened on my sys­tem that every time i turn off my com­put­er it resets to default and my saved set­tings go back as to how they start­ed, so it alway comes up and asks me if i what to take a tour and so that how i know that its reset­ing. please does any one have an idea what the hell is going on?

  • i think i got it from kazaa!!

  • I have three dri­ves in my com­put­er. I guess I got this file some­time using kaaza (just delet­ed the pro­gram!) and aparent­ly two of my hard dri­ves have failed on me? They’ve become Local Disks and when I try to open them win­dows asks me if I want to refor­mat them… I guess I had the w32.hllp.handy virus and this is prob­a­bly what caused my hard dri­ves to fail? I have no oth­er virus­es on my pc, just this one. Any idea, is there any way to get my data back on the 2 hard dri­ves? Did it delete all my files or what the hell did it do? I have back­up but I don’t want to refor­mat.

  • just down­loaded a file from kazaa, and my NAV detect­ed this w32hllp.handy virus and repaired it right away. still to be safe i imme­di­ate­ly stopped down­load­ing the file, and removed the par­tial­ly down­loaded file from “my shared fold­er”. tried to do a full sys­tem scan, but then my com­put­er froze…haven’t had any oth­er prob­lems besides that…

    i did a search on google to learn more about the virus– and does any­one know why are there all these ger­man sites that have some­thing about “handy virus”?.…i don’t speak ger­man so maybe it’s just because handy means some­thing in ger­man, who knows.

  • i was down­load­ing a file off of kazaa and then my NAV (2002) told me right away that this w32.hllp handy virus was detect­ed and fixed. still, to be sure i imme­di­ate­ly stopped down­load­ing the file from kazaa and delet­ed the .rar file from my shared fold­er. i ran a full sys­tem scan and noth­ing was detected.…whew!

    has any­one ever tried send­ing a mes­sage to the user who you down­loaded the infect­ed file from? maybe they don’t know they have the virus and it will just keep spread­ing to oth­er peo­ple.

  • so i hear some of yuo are havind a prob­lem with w32.hllp handy virus. well first of all you need to know how you are get­tin it.

    W32.HLLP.Handy is a virus that prepends itself to the files in the KaZaA down­load fold­er and the Inter­net Explor­er default down­load fold­er. It is writ­ten in the Bor­land Del­phi pro­gram­ming lan­guage and is com­pressed with UPX.

    Also Known As: W32/HLLP.Hantaner [McAfee], Win32.HLLP.Hantaner [KAV], PE_HANTANER.A [Trend], Win32.HLLP.Handy [CA], W32/Han­tan­er-A [Sophos]

    Infec­tion Length: 24,064 bytes
    Sys­tems Affect­ed: Win­dows 95, Win­dows 98, Win­dows NT, Win­dows 2000, Win­dows XP, Win­dows Me
    Sys­tems Not Affect­ed: Mac­in­tosh, OS/2, UNIX, Lin­ux

    now i am a stu­dent who is down­load­in all the time. this lit­tle sh#% real­ly does a num­ber on your sysetm. let me tell you. if you dont catch it soon after it is on you sys­tem yuor in trou­ble. this lit­tle bug­ger will slow your sys­tem donw to a stand still.

    what i do, and seem sto work for me is i have nor­tons anit 2003 pro. now i dout it mat­ters if you have pro or not. mcafee will work also. but the key is to have it check your sytem EVERY DAY. if you are like me and have you pc hooked up and run­nin all the time. set you virus scan so it scans every day at like 2am, or what ever time you arent on it. now if you turn you pc on and off all the time and every time you use it, like most peo­ple do, set you virus scan to scan every time you turn on your sys­tem, by doin one of these two you should have no prob­lem with this virus. also, make sure you virus scan is run­nin all the time when your pc is on. that will make it so you can get it as easy.

  • almost got the handy virus again just now…same thing hap­pened: Nor­ton detect­ed it and removed it right away. but this time i sent a mes­sage to the user who i down­loaded the infect­ed file from…i don’t know if it’ll do any­thing, but just to let the per­son know so maybe he/she will stop spread­ing it to oth­er peo­ple.

  • i got this gay lil virus but wiv me com­put­er skills i got rid of the bas­tard in a jiffy

  • Thanks for steer­ing me to pccillin, house­call seems to be able to clean the files nice­ly, unlike NAV2003, which can clean 1 out of 20. A few com­ments- 1) I feel that some of you are over react­ing. There is lit­tle need to delete a file that an antivirus suc­cess­ful­ly cleans. If you are wor­ried, scan it again lat­er to see if it is still clean. It cer­tain­ly isn’t nec­es­sary to unin­stall Kazaa! Espe­cial­ly if you have resource hog­ging NAV run­ning in the back­ground look­ing at every byte you access. I only even run a virus scan­ner on occa­sion when I have rea­son to believe I’m infect­ed, and have only had a few virus­es over the years. The only one that proved to be a prob­lem is the one I talk about below, and NAV itself caused the prob­lem. (I’m not recomend­ing this to any­one, but it works for me.)
    2) I hate NAV for so many rea­sons — it deletes files (with­out giv­ing you a choice if you don’t set it cor­rect­ly) so peo­ple who don’t know bet­ter trash out their OS by delet­ing sys­tem files, I had a trogan/virus once, can’t remem­ber the name, but since NAV couldn’t clean it, it delet­ed it, in doing so acual­ly trig­gered the virus so that no .exe could be exe­cut­ed. I was able to down­load a detect/remove pro­gram (from McAf­fee) made specif­i­cal­ly for that virus that abol­ished it from my sys­tem, oth­er­wise I was look­ing at a full format/reinstall, all thanks to NAV! It is unbe­liev­ably slow. It has the stu­pid lit­tle sys­tem tray icon that won’t go away unless you use task man­ag­er to kill all its proc­cess that are still run­ning even though I have dis­abled Auto Pro­tect. 3) Mis­in­formed peo­ple have been say­ing for years that virus­es had caused the HDD to die, or to make their com­put­er unable to even POST. This was total­ly false then and prob­a­bly still is. Only if it were to over­write the BIOS or flash rom could this hap­pen. (I have heard of bios virus­es…). These prob­lems are most like­ly just coin­ci­dence.

  • Ahh this virus is not that bad actu­al­ly it’s kin­da fun­ny it’s one of those virus­es that just piss­es you off a lit­tle bit and makes you very para­noid. I didn’t have to be in safe mode to remove it I just scanned my sys­tem while the virus with nor­ton and it detect­ed it and repaired it. I lat­er went back and delet­ed the virus. I say take care of this the day you get it oth­er­wise your fucked. It doesn’t destroy your sytem data but makes your comp run slow­ly it’s a pain in the ass.THATS A RUN ON SENTENCE FOR YA

  • this is shite

  • you need to restar your com­put­er in safty mode then delet the file then geta fire­wall

  • i am hav­ing a big prob­lem. i want to for­mat my pc, because i have a lot of viruss­es on my com­put­er, and just want it clean. but i dont have a writer , so i cant back­up. what do you guys think ? i real­ly need all the files on my com­put­er but i have to delete all of them. HELP ME PLEASE
    thx, bye­bye

  • I got this virus when accept­ing a file on MSN 6.1. Instant­ly my nor­ton 2003, detect­ed this virus and instant­ly delet­ed it. I advise every­one to have the newest virus dec­tecter, and update it as much as pos­si­ble

  • If you have the virus, if you have a virus pro­gram make notes of the files Handy has infect­ed. Then make sure KaZaA if closed!!! Go to the down­load fold­er and delete the file(s). Run virus scan again for 2 days on the fold­ers for IE DL and KaZaA DL 4 times a day. Call the doc­tor on the third day if you’re slow get­ting up.

    Make sure to delete all the files that are in the process of down­load­ing (the files with the long name that KaZaA is wait­ing to DL.

    HANDY ANDY lost to the new boys in town.

  • Ok every­body here’s the deal. I caught the virus also and it land­ed in my sys­tem restore files. I can’t stress this enough…JUST BECAUSE YOUR ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE SAYS THERE ARE NO VIRUSES, DOESN’T MEAN THERE AREN’T. I have Nor­ton 2003 home edi­tion. It warned me about it but nev­er picked it up in a scan. I then went to the syman­tec site and ran the free “syman­tec secu­ri­ty check” virus check­er and it picked it up. If it ends up in your restore files like it did mine…simply deac­ti­vate sys­tem restore (which will delete your restore points), scan again from the site, and reac­ti­vate. Hope that helps some­what and wasn’t too con­fus­ing.

  • I need the svchost.exe antivirus please

  • Regard­ing the W32.HLLP.Hantaner.A1 virus removal: I have Nor­ton AV on this XP com­put­er, but have a com­put­er in the shop run­ning Win­dows 98SE that will not run any .exe pro­gram by click­ing on files in Win­dows Explor­er or by click­ing on icons of programs.….but WOULD RUN “.exe” files from the com­mand line (START/RUN). Any­way, I installed a demo/trial copy of the lat­est antivirus soft­ware from http://www.leprechaun.com.au , an Aus­tralian com­pa­ny that I’ve been doing busi­ness with until recent­ly, and ran it on the Win­dows 98SE com­put­er. It dis­cov­ered and removed sev­er­al instances of the W32.HLLP.Hantaner.A1 virus. BTW, I looked through updat­ed Nor­ton AV virus list of virus­es and there was NO list­ing for this virus in Norton’s data­base of virus “fin­ger­prints”..

  • hyi have a virus:win32/hllp.jeefo and i can’t escape,please help me

  • kazaa is the place for handy because it finds the kaz­za down­loads and the inter­net down­load fold­ers and adds itself to that so it spreads through kaz­za

  • due to the same virus i for­mat­ed c/drive and lost the kazaa lite install fold­er now im up shit creek with­out a pad­dle any­one got the install file so i dont have to buy one any help would be much appre­ci­at­ed

  • I am screwed the Handy virus infect­ed some files and now my com­put­er wont start up! it only starts in safe mode..

    And the files it infect­ed i cant find any­thing about them onthe net..

    there Joi***.TMP files…**** meanign it varies there­was 11 of them such as 1211,1212,31d4


  • I have jeefo virus and i want dis­in­fect it with­out miss some appli­ca­tion in my hard disk which i can’t obtain it again.

  • Hey… any­body who can help me out to clean my files infect­ed with Jeefo????? Pls. email me and let me know.

    See ya!

  • I am dying…i have that Win32/HLLP.Jeefo. prob­lem… Help please.…… !!!!

  • I have nor­ton antivirus and when i do my full sys­tem scan it says i have 80 at risk files and when i choose to delete them, it says it could­nt delete them and asks if i want to exclude or skip them. please help me get these off my com­put­er! email me!!!

  • I installed nor­ton inter­net secu­ri­ty and it turn my Kaz­za lite of. any­one know how to turn it back on


  • I just fig­gered out that this virus has been made by a Bel­gian Girl of 17 years old, one of the first virus­es in .net . tuff girl !

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