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Well, I posted not long ago, extolling the virtues of FeedReader, but I’ve run into some bugs that drive me absolutely nuts. Take this for example. Everytime I restart the app, it tells me that my website has 276 new entries! That’s because the app isn’t properly saving or reading whether a post is marked as “read” or “unread”. Sucky.

I’ve installed all the common windows apps, and none of them comes close to the usable design & features of NetNewsWire for OsX… Apparently, I’m not the only one going through all this, too.

Enter Beaver, a great new app just begun this month. It has all the simplicity and usefulness of FeedReader without all the bugs. And we’re only at v0.3.9! Kudos to Sumod — I look forward to watching the development.

UPDATE: On Dave Winer‘s recommendation, I installed another small RSS app called WildGrape NewsDesk… I was less than impressed. Nevermind that I had to download and install a BETA of the .NET Framework, but the UI is repulsive. For starters, there isn’t a subscriptions button. It’s hard to add customized feeds, e.g. my RSS 2.0, and it doesn’t have a familiar 3-pane layout. Kinda lame.

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  • Hi Ned,

    Repulsive? Ouch.

    That’s definitely not the impression I hoped to make. Did you find the Subscriptions window on the System Tray menu? It’s only there temporarily – I’m going to unify the News and Subscriptions windows this week, and hopefully come up with a clean presentation for RSS 2.0 feeds.

    I haven’t written any help or documentation, so I’m sure some features are buried too deep for most to find:

    1. Drag and drop feed URLs from any browser.

    2. NewsDesk emulates Ampheta/Radio subscribe functionality. In other words, turn on NewsDesk’s HTTP listener, and you can add feeds simply by clicking the handy AmphetaDesk, Radio, or NewsDesk button on many syndicated pages.

    3. Import (and export) Open Content Syndication (OCS) feed lists.

    As always, feedback is welcome.



  • Just curious, I see some weird layout when loading this blog using Mac OSX. Maybe it is only my problem.

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