6 Years <3

Pres­ley and I spent our 6th anniver­sary at Car­los, lit­tle Ital­ian restau­rant in the old neigh­bor­hood in All­ston. It’s a quiant lit­tle place with good wine and ter­rif­ic food. She had an Riga­tone with Egg­plant roll, meat­balls, sausages and chick­en, in a plum toma­to sauce. I had the lob­ster ravi­o­li with salmon, plum toma­toes, in a lemon vod­ka sauce. She gave me the new McSweeny’s pack­age of issues 1–3 (reprint) and the upcom­ing issue 10. I gave her… um, din­ner. I’m poor lately.

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