A Sort of Conclusion

I seem to have certain threads going through this weblog, and I can finally put to rest one such topic. A few days ago, I wrote about a conversation I had with someone in my coffee house, in which I got the feeling that she was being more than friendly. Having been with the same girl for over 6 years, I didn’t really trust my radar in that regard.

But, today, this someone decided to take the plunge and ask me out… which immediately turned me red in the face, and I mumbled that I wasn’t really available and that it was flattering… but, no I couldn’t.

Case closed. I feel like an ass for not pointing this out in the beginning, but I hope that she doesn’t hate me, I guess. I can’t imagine being single– there isn’t any code or whatever to communicate availability. I think wedding rings would probably get the message across, but who gets married these days?

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