Temporary Purple?

The oth­er day, my hair was bleached white. This time around, I did­n’t have great luck. One should­n’t try and go too many shades dark­er than one’s nat­ur­al col­or. In this case, I’ve gone extreme­ly dark, and the result has pur­ple tones that are just awful.

2 Responses to “Temporary Purple?”

  • The only rea­son your hair has pur­ple tones is because it was blea­hed white. I dis­agree that one should­n’t go to many shades dif­fer­ent, if you know what your doing or if you get it done per­fes­sion­al it won’t look bad.

  • Yes, well. Appar­ent­ly I’m incompetent.

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