Valentine’s Day

Just thought I’d do a quick hol­i­day adjust­ment on the site. Hit refresh if you don’t see it.

Has any­one found any good Valen­tine links? I haven’t.

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  • In case any­one was won­der­ing, this is how I did it:

    1) Open all images in Photoshop
    2) Hit [Ctrl]-U, for Hue/Saturation
    3) Change hue ‑124 (this would be dif­fer­ent for oth­er site colors)
    4) save to a /vday fold­er, and upload over the cur­rent images.
    5) open up your stylesheet (CSS), and edit your link col­ors, etc., and upload over cur­rent CSS.

    Voila! A hol­i­day-themed facelift, in 10 min­utes. Grant­ed, the pur­ple is odd look­ing… but, it was just a quick job.

    I’m going to switch it back after the weekend…

  • Holy crap, my teeth hurt! Pink and pur­ple togeth­er always remind me of My Pret­ty Pony.

    As far as Valen­tine’s links go, I’m per­son­al­ly enjoy­ing Flu­id Pud­ding’s Feb. 7th entry in her blog.

  • i haven’t been to the den­tist in 2 years. eek.

  • nah the new theme is nice… just for vday.
    ps: i added you on LJ.

  • It’s all over! sor­ry. i like da green.

  • ahhh…i’m breath­ing bet­ter now that the old col­ors are back. MUCH bet­ter Nedward.

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