Valentine’s Day

Just thought I’d do a quick holiday adjustment on the site. Hit refresh if you don’t see it.

Has anyone found any good Valentine links? I haven’t.

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  • In case anyone was wondering, this is how I did it:

    1) Open all images in Photoshop
    2) Hit [Ctrl]-U, for Hue/Saturation
    3) Change hue -124 (this would be different for other site colors)
    4) save to a /vday folder, and upload over the current images.
    5) open up your stylesheet (CSS), and edit your link colors, etc., and upload over current CSS.

    Voila! A holiday-themed facelift, in 10 minutes. Granted, the purple is odd looking… but, it was just a quick job.

    I’m going to switch it back after the weekend…

  • Holy crap, my teeth hurt! Pink and purple together always remind me of My Pretty Pony.

    As far as Valentine’s links go, I’m personally enjoying Fluid Pudding’s Feb. 7th entry in her blog.

  • i haven’t been to the dentist in 2 years. eek.

  • nah the new theme is nice… just for vday.
    ps: i added you on LJ.

  • It’s all over! sorry. i like da green.

  • ahhh…i’m breathing better now that the old colors are back. MUCH better Nedward.

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