Shoot the Weather-people

OK, so I spent the week­end in Albany, at an inter­state Court­yard by Mar­riott, because I met my par­ents there (half-way between Boston & Buf­fa­lo). I went swim­ming, shopped at the mon­strous Cross­gates Mall, and saw The Recruit.

This was all fine. Until I had to decide what to do about the com­ing storm…

Albany Dan was com­ing back from New York, and I want­ed to go out and have some drinks… so we checked with the Weath­er Chan­nel, and they seemed to think that the storm would­n’t start pound­ing New Eng­land until the after­noon, mon­day. LIARS!

I left Albany at around 11am, and imme­di­ate­ly ran into the shit on I‑90 East… I mean, do you peo­ple plow your roads in New York State? There nev­er was a prob­lem with vis­i­bil­i­ty– only with the road sur­faces. So it was 25–40 MPH all the way into Our Fair City. I got in at 4:30pm, a full 5.5 hours lat­er! eek.

Sor­ry if this comes off as a teenaged rant, but Weath­er-peo­ple must be hanged!

3 Responses to “Shoot the Weather-people”

  • YOU PEOPLE”?? — aren’t you from New York Ned?

    or are you too cool for New York now? ;-)

  • maybe i am too cool for the THRUWAY. it was total­ly a sub­ur­ban expe­ri­ence for 2 days. malls, dri­ving, high­ways, & big chain restau­rants. ODD!

  • Dear Lord, Ned. I went to school in Albany and it appears from your account that noth­ing has changed since I left.

    First, I‑90 will nev­er be plowed due to slight snow­fall. The trac­tor trail­ers make up for that, and it keeps peo­ple from spend­ing their hotel mon­ey some­where in Northampton.

    Sec­ond, what’s a lit­tle bliz­zard in Albany any­way? All those peo­ple sit­ting on their fat ass­es in the leg­is­la­ture are def­i­nite­ly used to that kind of snow. They will ALWAYS give those duck­ets over for plows to New York City first, oth­er­wise Pata­ki would have a bunch of rag­ing, cod­dled, sop­ping Man­hat­tan­ites bring­ing the eco­nom­ic pain. You know that. And the snow­fall is the same, if not worse in Buff, right?

    Last­ly, Cross­gates. shud­der Cross­gates. I’m more sur­prised that you did­n’t end up sit­ting out the snow at one of the five con­ve­nient Den­ny’s restau­rants strate­gi­cal­ly locat­ed around the area. They’re impos­si­ble to miss.

    No, I don’t hate you.

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