Shoot the Weather-people

OK, so I spent the weekend in Albany, at an interstate Courtyard by Marriott, because I met my parents there (half-way between Boston & Buffalo). I went swimming, shopped at the monstrous Crossgates Mall, and saw The Recruit.

This was all fine. Until I had to decide what to do about the coming storm…

Albany Dan was coming back from New York, and I wanted to go out and have some drinks… so we checked with the Weather Channel, and they seemed to think that the storm wouldn’t start pounding New England until the afternoon, monday. LIARS!

I left Albany at around 11am, and immediately ran into the shit on I-90 East… I mean, do you people plow your roads in New York State? There never was a problem with visibility– only with the road surfaces. So it was 25-40 MPH all the way into Our Fair City. I got in at 4:30pm, a full 5.5 hours later! eek.

Sorry if this comes off as a teenaged rant, but Weather-people must be hanged!

3 Responses to “Shoot the Weather-people”

  • “YOU PEOPLE“?? — aren’t you from New York Ned?

    or are you too cool for New York now? ;-)

  • maybe i am too cool for the THRUWAY. it was totally a suburban experience for 2 days. malls, driving, highways, & big chain restaurants. ODD!

  • Dear Lord, Ned. I went to school in Albany and it appears from your account that nothing has changed since I left.

    First, I-90 will never be plowed due to slight snowfall. The tractor trailers make up for that, and it keeps people from spending their hotel money somewhere in Northampton.

    Second, what’s a little blizzard in Albany anyway? All those people sitting on their fat asses in the legislature are definitely used to that kind of snow. They will ALWAYS give those duckets over for plows to New York City first, otherwise Pataki would have a bunch of raging, coddled, sopping Manhattanites bringing the economic pain. You know that. And the snowfall is the same, if not worse in Buff, right?

    Lastly, Crossgates. shudder Crossgates. I’m more surprised that you didn’t end up sitting out the snow at one of the five convenient Denny’s restaurants strategically located around the area. They’re impossible to miss.

    No, I don’t hate you.

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