Howard Dean in 2004

steal this button!Albany Dan sent me a feature article on Howard Dean in Salon, and it was an enjoyable read. I like his candor, honesty, and willingness to stand up to Bush, and these luke-warm Dems.

Sen. Kerry himself said that he’d like to fashion his campaign along the lines of John McCain, yet his language is peppered with “bend-me-over” Daschle get-along talk like this.

Now, I like John Kerry just fine—and Edwards, Lieberman, and the other Senators running are also fine people. But, to pick a person to lead this party at a time when we’re again searching for our souls—well, I’ll go with the Governor Doc.

When I had the opportunity to work on the 2000 campaign, as President of my college chapter, I was struggling to settle on the support of Al Gore. I mean, Bill Bradley was from the northeast, and he was such a cool cat. This election, I have no desire to go with another safe bet. Dean’s my guy. He signed gay civil unions into law, he supports a multi-lateral foreign policy, and he says what he means. What more could the Democrats need at this moment? And supposedly, he’s been faithful to his wife.

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