Bruce on Dave… Also, Regis and John McEnroe

I turned on David Letterman wednesday night, and guess who is emergency guest-hosting? Bruce Willis.

The truly sad thing is that the producers made him talk to Dan Rather about his recent interview with Saddam Hussein. Mr. “Die Hard” hardly smiled on camera, mumbled incoherent questions, stared at the desk, and … wait, I’m talking about the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

“It’s always been my dream to do the Bruce Willis show…” – comic Brian Kiley

How disappointed was this comic? You wait all your life to perform for David Letterman, and Hudson Hawk is there to greet you. At least he’s intentionally funny.

And while I’m rating talk show hosts, I’m enjoying the new shows of both Dave Chappelle, and Bill Maher. I laughed at Ali G, but it’s just not that good. Just like South Park is not that good… sorry kids.

mcenroe.jpgUPDATE: OK, thursday night, the guest host for Letterman was John McEnroe!

He did a really good job, and the staff excused Paul Shaffer for the night…. and brought in Fred Schneider of the B-52s !

The best part was when John sent a camera crew back-stage to a benefit at the Roseland. It was hilarious, as the crew caught up with Michael Imperioli (Christopher Moltisanti from the Sopranos), and Macaulay Culkin…

Next door at Roseland, a benefit gig is scheduled and a lot of the big stars are there. We send a camera crew outside to take a look-see. Expecting to be stopped before entering, we thought this would be a “quick and done.” Nope. We made our way in and explored.

Regis Philbin is scheduled to host Friday night… I’m going to assume he’ll do a fine job… What KIND of NAME is CODY?!

4 Responses to “Bruce on Dave… Also, Regis and John McEnroe”

  • Dude, you’re smoking the crack drugs. Ali G was fucking great, and Bill Maher is — and will always be — an overrated asshole with an unwatchable show.

  • I caught the end of Ali G, which I found really funny. The part where he’s asking Edwin Meese how we should punish guys who steal our girlfriends had me in tears. I also watched Bill Maher’s new show and enjoyed the format. I agree that he is somewhat of an asshole with a big ego, but he’s more intelligent and outspoken than anyone on TV.

  • I never really liked “politically Incorrect”, but the new show on HBO… man, they just have a way of making anything sexy and cool.

    it reminds me a bit about dennis miller, without his crazy ranting. That, AND, I feel like Bill Maher is shifting to the left… i mean, i know he’s more libertarian than anything, but him beating up on Ann Coulter was fucking great.

  • Chris Rock asking her if she was fucking the president was priceless.

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