Bruce on Dave… Also, Regis and John McEnroe

I turned on David Let­ter­man wednes­day night, and guess who is emer­gency guest-host­ing? Bruce Willis.

The tru­ly sad thing is that the pro­duc­ers made him talk to Dan Rather about his recent inter­view with Sad­dam Hus­sein. Mr. “Die Hard” hard­ly smiled on cam­era, mum­bled inco­her­ent ques­tions, stared at the desk, and … wait, I’m talk­ing about the Jim­my Kim­mel Show.

It’s always been my dream to do the Bruce Willis show…” — com­ic Bri­an Kiley

How dis­ap­point­ed was this com­ic? You wait all your life to per­form for David Let­ter­man, and Hud­son Hawk is there to greet you. At least he’s inten­tion­al­ly funny.

And while I’m rat­ing talk show hosts, I’m enjoy­ing the new shows of both Dave Chap­pelle, and Bill Maher. I laughed at Ali G, but it’s just not that good. Just like South Park is not that good… sor­ry kids.

mcenroe.jpgUPDATE: OK, thurs­day night, the guest host for Let­ter­man was John McEnroe!

He did a real­ly good job, and the staff excused Paul Shaf­fer for the night.… and brought in Fred Schnei­der of the B‑52s !

The best part was when John sent a cam­era crew back-stage to a ben­e­fit at the Rose­land. It was hilar­i­ous, as the crew caught up with Michael Impe­ri­oli (Christo­pher Molti­san­ti from the Sopra­nos), and Macaulay Culkin…

Next door at Rose­land, a ben­e­fit gig is sched­uled and a lot of the big stars are there. We send a cam­era crew out­side to take a look-see. Expect­ing to be stopped before enter­ing, we thought this would be a “quick and done.” Nope. We made our way in and explored.

Reg­is Philbin is sched­uled to host Fri­day night… I’m going to assume he’ll do a fine job… What KIND of NAME is CODY?!

4 Responses to “Bruce on Dave… Also, Regis and John McEnroe”

  • Dude, you’re smok­ing the crack drugs. Ali G was fuck­ing great, and Bill Maher is — and will always be — an over­rat­ed ass­hole with an unwatch­able show.

  • I caught the end of Ali G, which I found real­ly fun­ny. The part where he’s ask­ing Edwin Meese how we should pun­ish guys who steal our girl­friends had me in tears. I also watched Bill Maher’s new show and enjoyed the for­mat. I agree that he is some­what of an ass­hole with a big ego, but he’s more intel­li­gent and out­spo­ken than any­one on TV.

  • I nev­er real­ly liked “polit­i­cal­ly Incor­rect”, but the new show on HBO… man, they just have a way of mak­ing any­thing sexy and cool.

    it reminds me a bit about den­nis miller, with­out his crazy rant­i­ng. That, AND, I feel like Bill Maher is shift­ing to the left… i mean, i know he’s more lib­er­tar­i­an than any­thing, but him beat­ing up on Ann Coul­ter was fuck­ing great.

  • Chris Rock ask­ing her if she was fuck­ing the pres­i­dent was priceless.

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