Disciplining Cats

Our kit­ten Katya is start­ing to piss me off. She is such a good kit­ty, usu­al­ly, how­ev­er I am amiss at how to dis­ci­pline her for bad behav­ior. Spilling glass­es of water and knock­ing clut­ter off of a dress­er while Pres­ley and I are asleep is some­thing I must make her fear.

Right now, we usu­al­ly remove her from the offend­ing envi­ron­ment, shout a stern “NO!”, and let her run off. Late­ly, this isn’t suf­fi­cient, so I’ve been giv­ing her a lit­tle swat on her ass, but she thinks that I’m play­ing a game. It’s all about atten­tion… she wants it, and knows how to get it.

So, today, I’m try­ing a dif­fer­ent tactic—I’m giv­ing her forced baths when she gives me atti­tude. It focus­es her atten­tion for a while on clean­ing up and dry­ing off.

How do you dis­ci­pline kit­ty? Let me know below.

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  • Many of my friends dis­ci­pline their kit­ty’s by spray­ing it on the nose with a spray bot­tle. It actu­al­ly seems to work!

  • yea, peo­ple keep say­ing that. I’m wor­ried that she’ll be afraid of water though… because we have to bathe her for all­gery reasons.


  • beat the fuck­ing thing with a hammer.

  • I am real­ly start­ing to won­der about your child­hood, danno.

  • I am in the same sit­u­a­tion. I have to cat’s and they are out of con­trol. There is the one cat that starts most of the trou­ble. It is the worst from about 4:30 am — 7:30 am. They run around my room just act­ing crazy. What should I do?

  • Well, our prob­lem was fixed by get­ting anoth­er cat. Now, the two run and chase each oth­er, and don’t both­er us much.

    How­ev­er, before we got that cat, I think the forced baths had an effect… If you can stand the scratch­ing and claw­ing, it will keep them busy for an hour try­ing to groom them­selves. And, you can get some sleep.

    Plus, they’ll start to get the message.

    Also, I would sug­gest play­ing with them a lot before bed. Get a laser point­er or some­thing, and run them around until they’re tired.

    Good luck!

  • How do you get a cat to quit piss­ing on rugs? Not the car­pet just rugs.

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