A New Era

Today marks a change– I’m final­ly work­ing again, albeit as a con­trac­tor, for a local­iza­tion com­pa­ny west of Boston. Which means sev­er­al things:

  1. It actu­al­ly mat­ters when I get up in the morning
  2. I have some­where to be
  3. I am in charge of some oth­er people
  4. The words “Flash” and “Spe­cial­ist” are part of my job title
  5. I have a cafe­te­ria that sells all kinds of hot and cold meals, very cheaply
  6. I like every­one I meet here
  7. My dead­lines are intense, and there are whis­pers of required weekends
  8. I don’t care about that, because I’m paid hourly.

That is all. Oh, and I feel just awful com­mut­ing 20 miles every day. I am not doing my part for the envi­ron­ment, and I am dis­ap­point­ed in myself.

9 Responses to “A New Era”

  • we’re all dis­ap­point­ed in you.

  • hey, remem­ber when you were just like all the oth­er white sub­ur­ban­ites gone urban who did­n’t care about shit like that? and now look at you … rid­ing pub­lic trans­porta­tion, want­i­ng a bike, using re-usable shop­ping bags… you’ve become quite the com­mie pinko.

  • There are worse things to be, no?

  • Con­grats Ned! I’m start­ing to feel the pres­sure to find an intern­ship this sum­mer… we’ll see how that goes. Any­one need a Cis­co net­work­ing student?

  • Con­grats on find­ing employ­ment. In this still tough econ­o­my that’s no easy task.

  • Flash” and “spe­cial­ist”? You’re not work­ing as a super­hero assis­tant, are you?

  • haha. Maybe! I sure don’t feel like one, though.

  • Hi, and con­grat­u­la­tions. Won­der­ing: what does a local­iza­tion com­pa­ny do, exact­ly? And what does one do as a con­trac­tor for them? Thanks.

  • Well, For­tune 500 & Glob­al 2000 com­pa­nies need to have their “stuff’ local­ized to Span­ish, Japan­ese, French, Ger­man, and oth­er languages…

    Could be web­sites, mar­ket­ing mate­ri­als, Flash, or whatever.

    And, no… I’m not a trans­la­tor. There is talk I may become a full employ­ee in the near future, as well.

    Thanks for asking!

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