Cronenberg’s Spider

Over the weekend, I saw David Cronenberg’s new Film Spider with Tbone, who wrote a review. One thing I’d like to comment on, are Miranda Richardson’s several exceptionally noteworthy performances, as both Fiennes’ Mother and Stepmother.

The first character is a model of 1950s restraint and beauty, dutifully preparing dinner for her family and accompanying her husband to the Pub, though she’d rather be at home. This is the boy’s (Fiennes) idealized vision of his Mother. Richardson plays the role much like Julianne Moore did in Far From Heaven. As an audience member, you can’t hardly resist her virtue.

The second character, is a trashy pub-girl that Fiennes’ father picks up for a little action, and eventually becomes the boy’s Step-mom. Wearing a leopard print coat, and stained teeth, this character casually gives a handjob to the boy’s Father under an overpass. She encourages the murder of the boy’s Mom, and becomes the object of the boy’s vindictive intentions later in the film.

In addition, she also steps into the role of the half-way house-master, where she torments Fiennes.

What is truly incredible, watching Richardson, is that you really aren’t sure if it’s the same actress. They are so different in appearance and behavior, that the screenwriter and Cronenberg must’ve been jumping for joy.

It’s a creepy film, about a creepy guy. But, while Ralph Fiennes is mumbling into a journal for an hour, I think Miranda Richardson deserves the credit for holding it all together.

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