This is What Democracy Looks Like

Last night, Presley and I were smack in the middle of painting our minuscule Cambridge bedroom a lovely polar blue, when I noticed a gathering of Police cars on Mass Ave. They were directing traffic away from Central Square, which I thought was odd. My initial impulse was to think that some War Hawk had called in a bomb threat on the People’s Republik

But, no. Alas, there were war protesters massing down the street, and they intended to march on Harvard Sq. Watching the cops deal with this group of 200 or so kids was amusing– rerouting traffic, and stuff. I love cops on motorcycles… it’s just so urban.

We followed them a bit, and I wish my pics were better. I had to leave the shutter open for a while because there wasn’t much light. Blurry or not, it’s pretty fucking great when 200 kids parade by your apartment at 9pm on a thursday night. I was uncomfortable at being led by dueling French and Pirate flags… but, hey, This is What Democracy Looks Like. No?

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