This is What Democracy Looks Like

Last night, Pres­ley and I were smack in the mid­dle of paint­ing our minus­cule Cam­bridge bed­room a love­ly polar blue, when I noticed a gath­er­ing of Police cars on Mass Ave. They were direct­ing traf­fic away from Cen­tral Square, which I thought was odd. My ini­tial impulse was to think that some War Hawk had called in a bomb threat on the Peo­ple’s Repub­lik

But, no. Alas, there were war pro­test­ers mass­ing down the street, and they intend­ed to march on Har­vard Sq. Watch­ing the cops deal with this group of 200 or so kids was amus­ing– rerout­ing traf­fic, and stuff. I love cops on motor­cy­cles… it’s just so urban.

We fol­lowed them a bit, and I wish my pics were bet­ter. I had to leave the shut­ter open for a while because there was­n’t much light. Blur­ry or not, it’s pret­ty fuck­ing great when 200 kids parade by your apart­ment at 9pm on a thurs­day night. I was uncom­fort­able at being led by duel­ing French and Pirate flags… but, hey, This is What Democ­ra­cy Looks Like. No?

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