The Big Dig

Presley, Tbone, Megger, Chris and I just got back from the Midwest Grill in Inman Square, where we celebrated Presley’s 23rd birthday. She really is getting quite old.

But, on the way home, we convinced Chris to drive down to South Boston, so we could come up the new I-93 N tunnel— that’s right, the Big Dig is open. Well, partially open. The tunnel is wide and bright, with actual signage that gives you some actual notice about your exit before you drive by it.

But the real treat was emerging from the tunnel, and driving onto the Zakim Bridge. It’s really beautiful. I stuck my head out the window in the rain, and just gawked up at the towers. Even with the neon purple lights, it is really something to appreciate– especially at night. Nothing about it says “Boston”, except for its name…. but, you really should take your own trip. Everybody is doing it.

2 Responses to “The Big Dig”

  • Even in Wichita, KS we have elevated highways… they just are not pretty and eventually turn into trouble. Congrats on your new tunnel! Sometime I’ll visit Boston… someday.

  • Funny thing about Boston. I’m from the area.. but I go to school in Newton. However, one day I was going to a friend’s house in Woburn. I had to take 93 South to get there, which was fine. On the way home, I kept driving and driving. I never saw the signs for “Reading”. I ended up in Boston. Trying to find the right direction… and all that construction.. plus detors.. I have no idea where the Tobin is originally, but it was hell. I eventually got home. I haven’t been around Logan yet, but from what I remember the traffic around that area with the construction was mad.

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