The Big Dig

Pres­ley, Tbone, Meg­ger, Chris and I just got back from the Mid­west Grill in Inman Square, where we cel­e­brat­ed Pres­ley’s 23rd birth­day. She real­ly is get­ting quite old.

But, on the way home, we con­vinced Chris to dri­ve down to South Boston, so we could come up the new I‑93 N tun­nel– that’s right, the Big Dig is open. Well, par­tial­ly open. The tun­nel is wide and bright, with actu­al sig­nage that gives you some actu­al notice about your exit before you dri­ve by it.

But the real treat was emerg­ing from the tun­nel, and dri­ving onto the Zakim Bridge. It’s real­ly beau­ti­ful. I stuck my head out the win­dow in the rain, and just gawked up at the tow­ers. Even with the neon pur­ple lights, it is real­ly some­thing to appre­ci­ate– espe­cial­ly at night. Noth­ing about it says “Boston”, except for its name.… but, you real­ly should take your own trip. Every­body is doing it.

2 Responses to “The Big Dig”

  • Even in Wichi­ta, KS we have ele­vat­ed high­ways… they just are not pret­ty and even­tu­al­ly turn into trou­ble. Con­grats on your new tun­nel! Some­time I’ll vis­it Boston… someday.

  • Fun­ny thing about Boston. I’m from the area.. but I go to school in New­ton. How­ev­er, one day I was going to a friend’s house in Woburn. I had to take 93 South to get there, which was fine. On the way home, I kept dri­ving and dri­ving. I nev­er saw the signs for “Read­ing”. I end­ed up in Boston. Try­ing to find the right direc­tion… and all that con­struc­tion.. plus detors.. I have no idea where the Tobin is orig­i­nal­ly, but it was hell. I even­tu­al­ly got home. I haven’t been around Logan yet, but from what I remem­ber the traf­fic around that area with the con­struc­tion was mad.

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