Monthly Archive for April, 2003


Planning for an event like Field Day is pretty daunting for someone who has camped less than 5 times in his entire life.

A co-worker of mine suggests buying tents and equipment from Building 19, where you can basically find anything you never wanted, so long as it fell off the back of a truck. But that seems a bit stupid.

Then there is REI… which has things to make even me drool.

Presley is all into borrowing from friends, which is fine, except it might be nice to own some camping stuff… weekends on Cape Cod anyone?

So maybe Target is a nice compromise.

Looking at the Work Week Through the Eyes of a Gigolo

When I leave work tonight, I will submit a timesheet that, on sum, will be greater than 90 hours for this week. 90 hours. My co-worker Akiko will exceed 100 hours.

I know we get paid by the hour, but doesn’t that strike you as a high-tech sweatshop?

Furniture Wishlist

West ElmSomeone at work had a West Elm catalog, a furniture store in Brooklyn… and they’ve got really terrific stuff. Pretty comparable to IKEA in style and quality, but it has more of a Japanese modern feel to it.

I think Presley and I should buy a wood headboard for our bed. It’d give her something for her to hang onto…

Rock’N’Roll MotherFucker

The D4 – Best fucking rock band in the world.

Well, they’re really really good.

Why I don’t post as much, either

Megnut drew up a little graph to explain why she doesn’t post as much lately.

Me too, but I’m trying…

Liz Phair – Teenage Slut?

cliky clickyThe state of pop music is generally good these days. Rap-Metal & their Sensitive Progressive-Rock Crooner buddies seem to have relaxed their grip on mainstream radio. MTV is playing Interpol and Zwan, along with Jarassic 5 and Eminem… that is, when they’re actually playing videos.

In addition to the new bands getting mainstream attention, it seems to me that several artists are making a come back of sorts. Look at Billy Corgan with Zwan… and look at Liz Phair— who is trying to shed not only her “blow-job Queen” indie cred from the early-90s, but also the boring Lilith Fair mommy reincarnation of her last album.

Tracks from the new album, posted on her website, reveal some interesting tidbits about her new album.

1) She wants to sell records Despite being an immensely talented song-writer and performer, she’s never sold more than a few hundred-thousand records. She hired the hit-makers behind Avril Levigne Lavigne to produce, and the result is candy for the under-17 Avril crowd.

2) She sounds like Avril Levigne Lavigne! I have no beef with Avril– she’s fun, cool, and all that. But, Liz was real. She had a fragility to her that reminded boys like me of the girl-next-door… She also possessed a unique perspective on love and relationships, which she brought to her song-writing. The new songs are rocking, to be sure, but too carefully processed, so that they sound like just another L.A. studio job.

(I can’t believe I just used the word ‘fragility’ in a music entry. apologies.)

Still, would I like to hear Liz on mainstream radio, and see her on MTV? Yea. I just wish she’d use someone like Sheryl Crow as a model, instead of a 17-year old French-Canadian wanna-be.

Obstacle 1 & the River Rave

InterpolMTV is promoting the new Interpol video, which is a bit odd given their usual diet of the same 10 shitty clips. It’s a terrifically stylized video, much like the band and its music. Come to think of it, MTV has done a lot of little coverage items on Interpol, so maybe somebody (Loder? Yago?) recognized their appeal.

Speaking of Interpol, Presley, Albany Dan and I are heading to the WBCN River Rave, held this year at the Tweeter Center. We usually don’t succumb to such over-hyped “mega-concerts”, but what the hell, it’s outdoors and features the likes of Interpol, Blur, The Donnas, and Beck.

These artists must love these concerts– 40 minutes sets, and you get to meet other cool people, spend a day in the sun, drinking, or whatever. And they charge $75 a ticket!

Phone Madness

When I switched to AT&T Wireless last year, I gladly took the free Nokia 3360. It was simple, stylish, and free.

It did basic text messaging, but no internet browsing… And, compared to all these fancy color phones with cameras, it’s pretty stodgy.

I really want something like the Nokia Communicator, but it’s not available anywhere, and it’s $500. So, why not a T-Mobile Sidekick? Seems pretty cool, straight forward, and simple. I could text message, chat, write email, and check my fantasy baseball anywhere. One problem– it’s T-Mobile.

Today, I saw that AT&T Wireless was running a sale on the new Nokia 3650… a wierd looking bubbly-brick of a phone. It has a camera, but no keyboard. Is it worth getting?

Empty Nest

The weekend is over, we’ve lost an hour, and our apartment is empty once more. Having Macyme & Jeremy, Kunta, and Albany Dan under one roof was exhilarating and exhausting.

There was debauchery on a grand scale, involving bottles and bottle of wine, some truly terrific thai food courtesy Brown Sugar, and a brilliant portfolio show at MassArt of printmakers’ work.

I have a new appreciation for the work of printmakers– I think they occupy an odd middleground between hands-on artists like painters, and those of us interested in design. Much of the work reminded me of the graphic design exhibitions I’ve attended in the past.

However, to hear Jeremy describe using copper plates, inks, woodcuts, and acid, I now realise how physical his work is– especially when contrasted with the mental nature of my work. It makes me want to get my hands dirty.

UPDATE: An article in the Boston Pheonix, on the confrence, which was called “Making Histories: Revolution and Representation 2003“.

And now…

It’s fucking snowing!