Empty Nest

The weekend is over, we’ve lost an hour, and our apartment is empty once more. Having Macyme & Jeremy, Kunta, and Albany Dan under one roof was exhilarating and exhausting.

There was debauchery on a grand scale, involving bottles and bottle of wine, some truly terrific thai food courtesy Brown Sugar, and a brilliant portfolio show at MassArt of printmakers’ work.

I have a new appreciation for the work of printmakers– I think they occupy an odd middleground between hands-on artists like painters, and those of us interested in design. Much of the work reminded me of the graphic design exhibitions I’ve attended in the past.

However, to hear Jeremy describe using copper plates, inks, woodcuts, and acid, I now realise how physical his work is– especially when contrasted with the mental nature of my work. It makes me want to get my hands dirty.

UPDATE: An article in the Boston Pheonix, on the confrence, which was called “Making Histories: Revolution and Representation 2003“.

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