Phone Madness

When I switched to AT&T Wire­less last year, I glad­ly took the free Nokia 3360. It was sim­ple, styl­ish, and free.

It did basic text mes­sag­ing, but no inter­net brows­ing… And, com­pared to all these fan­cy col­or phones with cam­eras, it’s pret­ty stodgy.

I real­ly want some­thing like the Nokia Com­mu­ni­ca­tor, but it’s not avail­able any­where, and it’s $500. So, why not a T‑Mobile Side­kick? Seems pret­ty cool, straight for­ward, and sim­ple. I could text mes­sage, chat, write email, and check my fan­ta­sy base­ball any­where. One prob­lem– it’s T‑Mobile.

Today, I saw that AT&T Wire­less was run­ning a sale on the new Nokia 3650… a wierd look­ing bub­bly-brick of a phone. It has a cam­era, but no key­board. Is it worth getting?

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