Obstacle 1 & the River Rave

InterpolMTV is promoting the new Interpol video, which is a bit odd given their usual diet of the same 10 shitty clips. It’s a terrifically stylized video, much like the band and its music. Come to think of it, MTV has done a lot of little coverage items on Interpol, so maybe somebody (Loder? Yago?) recognized their appeal.

Speaking of Interpol, Presley, Albany Dan and I are heading to the WBCN River Rave, held this year at the Tweeter Center. We usually don’t succumb to such over-hyped “mega-concerts”, but what the hell, it’s outdoors and features the likes of Interpol, Blur, The Donnas, and Beck.

These artists must love these concerts– 40 minutes sets, and you get to meet other cool people, spend a day in the sun, drinking, or whatever. And they charge $75 a ticket!

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