Obstacle 1 & the River Rave

InterpolMTV is pro­mot­ing the new Inter­pol video, which is a bit odd giv­en their usu­al diet of the same 10 shit­ty clips. It’s a ter­rif­i­cal­ly styl­ized video, much like the band and its music. Come to think of it, MTV has done a lot of lit­tle cov­er­age items on Inter­pol, so maybe some­body (Loder? Yago?) rec­og­nized their appeal.

Speak­ing of Inter­pol, Pres­ley, Albany Dan and I are head­ing to the WBCN Riv­er Rave, held this year at the Tweet­er Cen­ter. We usu­al­ly don’t suc­cumb to such over-hyped “mega-con­certs”, but what the hell, it’s out­doors and fea­tures the likes of Inter­pol, Blur, The Don­nas, and Beck.

These artists must love these con­certs– 40 min­utes sets, and you get to meet oth­er cool peo­ple, spend a day in the sun, drink­ing, or what­ev­er. And they charge $75 a ticket!

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