Plan­ning for an event like Field Day is pret­ty daunt­ing for some­one who has camped less than 5 times in his entire life.

A co-work­er of mine sug­gests buy­ing tents and equip­ment from Build­ing 19, where you can basi­cal­ly find any­thing you nev­er want­ed, so long as it fell off the back of a truck. But that seems a bit stupid.

Then there is REI… which has things to make even me drool.

Pres­ley is all into bor­row­ing from friends, which is fine, except it might be nice to own some camp­ing stuff… week­ends on Cape Cod anyone?

So maybe Tar­get is a nice compromise.

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  • oh man, new stuff is so fun. we’re going to end up buy­ing gear regard­less, but at least we have friends with bor­row­able stuff too.

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