Monthly Archive for May, 2003

Fear & Loathing at the Tweeter Center

Ok, so when you walk up to the gate at a giant music festival put on by the local “alternative” FM station, and the PA annoucer says that your favorite band, the one you spent $70 to see, is not going to appear, you might think twice about entering… I mean, I probably could have scalped the tickets and made off with the $200+, but no, I decided it was worth it to stay.

Boy was I wrong.

I enjoyed seeing The Donnas rock out on such a big stage, and Hot Hot Heat were cool. But, Interpol.

oh Interpol…. they were sloppy and looked uninterested, as a hoard of 15-year old drugged-out South Shore-ites and 35-year old drunk-down South Shore-ites screamed out “Obstacle 1” and other song titles. Scary.

I can’ t blame them for not being into it, though– this crowd was one of the scariest I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone was violently trashed by 2pm… And I know they weren’t drinking that much in the park, because Budweisers were $7.50.

I really do think that white suburbanite teenagers are what scare me the most– but, they’re right up there with their alcoholic, abusive, white suburbanite fathers, and co-enabler, over-eating white suburbanite mothers.

But that’s me.

Why no Blur? Lame. Good thing I’m still going to Field Day… oh wait.

WBCN RIVER RAVE – 3 Tickets!!!

Ok, so save me, I have to work this Memorial Day weekend…. buy my tickets to the WBCN River Rave — 3 tickets for section 4, row N, covered seating!

Blur, Beck, Dropkick Murphys, Interpol, the Donnas, The Used, Evanescence, Good Charlotte, Jack Johnson, Saliva, Afi, Seether, Hed(pe), Finch, Hot Hot Heat, The Ataris and more!!!

Danno returns

Albany Dan makes a triumphant return (sort of), to Suckahs.

Delivery Nights

We have to deliver stuff to that certain $oftware company at 7am, and, here we are, still at work, at midnight — trying our damnedest. This certain $oftware company is a stickler about scheduling.

So, on this 18+ hour work day, I had BBQ for dinner, a few coffees, a diet coke, and 2 beers (gotta love it when the senior manager invites you to make use of his mini-fridge). And it’s 93 degrees in this fucking place.

I feel like There’s More to Life Than This.

The Libertines Under Smoking Ban

Review: A-

I was so surprised to learn yesterday that The Libertines were playing at the Paradise for only $8… surely not!

You know you’re in for a good show when the lead singer comes out and is swaying-ly drunk before the first song– leaning on his microphone, noodling on his guitar, “D’ya fancy me?”

I bought their record on vinyl a couple of weeks ago, and I think I would describe them as an updated Clash. You could lump them in with the new crop of garage bands, (e.g., The Strokes, White Stripes, Hives, Vines, et al.), but I keep coming back to that voice– it’s Strummer-esque.

It was also my first outing after the smoking-ban went into effect… ug. Even the Libertines couldn’t smoke, which should have seemed pretty incredulous indeed.

But, after the show, everyone spilled out onto Comm. Ave, and the band lit up cigs with their fans. Pretty down to earth stuff.

Neo-Cons Defined

When did this term “Neo-Con” or “Neo-Conservative” bust out into common parlance? These otherwise intelligent people have been calling into Talk of the Nation on NPR, and talking about how Bush and the Neo-Cons want to force this whole radical anti-feminist, anti-gay, anti-whatever agenda on this nation.

I cringe every time I hear this buzzword muttered, because my fellow Liberals seem to have no fucking idea what the term means.

Neo-Cons are former Liberals who decided to get all hawkish on defense and foreign policy… They really don’t worry about domestic social issues. You can talk theory, (e.g., unintended consequences of action or inaction), but guys like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Pearle are not that different from Lieberman, or Moynihan — except that the latter two actually care about helping people in this country.

Those worrying themselves with socially conservative issues are more aligned with the Religious Right– NOT the Neo-Cons.

Besides, a traditional Conservative foreign & defense policy would be isolationism — NOT pre-emptive war. The Republicans in congress and President Bush before 9/11 fit this traditional mold.

But, it seems that the Neo-Cons have thrown themselves a coming out party, complete with cluster bombs and accusations of Treason (directed toward those who oppose them).

It’s the word on everyones’ lips!