Monthly Archive for May, 2003

Fear & Loathing at the Tweeter Center

Ok, so when you walk up to the gate at a giant music fes­ti­val put on by the local “alter­na­tive” FM sta­tion, and the PA annoucer says that your favorite band, the one you spent $70 to see, is not going to appear, you might think twice about enter­ing… I mean, I prob­a­bly could have scalped the tick­ets and made off with the $200+, but no, I decid­ed it was worth it to stay.

Boy was I wrong.

I enjoyed see­ing The Don­nas rock out on such a big stage, and Hot Hot Heat were cool. But, Inter­pol.

oh Inter­pol.… they were slop­py and looked unin­ter­est­ed, as a hoard of 15-year old drugged-out South Shore-ites and 35-year old drunk-down South Shore-ites screamed out “Obsta­cle 1” and oth­er song titles. Scary.

I can’ t blame them for not being into it, though– this crowd was one of the scari­est I’ve ever been a part of. Every­one was vio­lent­ly trashed by 2pm… And I know they weren’t drink­ing that much in the park, because Bud­weis­ers were $7.50.

I real­ly do think that white sub­ur­ban­ite teenagers are what scare me the most– but, they’re right up there with their alco­holic, abu­sive, white sub­ur­ban­ite fathers, and co-enabler, over-eat­ing white sub­ur­ban­ite mothers.

But that’s me.

Why no Blur? Lame. Good thing I’m still going to Field Day… oh wait.

WBCN RIVER RAVE — 3 Tickets!!!

Ok, so save me, I have to work this Memo­r­i­al Day week­end.… buy my tick­ets to the WBCN Riv­er Rave — 3 tick­ets for sec­tion 4, row N, cov­ered seating!

Blur, Beck, Drop­kick Mur­phys, Inter­pol, the Don­nas, The Used, Evanes­cence, Good Char­lotte, Jack John­son, Sali­va, Afi, Seether, Hed(pe), Finch, Hot Hot Heat, The Ataris and more!!!

Danno returns

Albany Dan makes a tri­umphant return (sort of), to Suck­ahs.

Delivery Nights

We have to deliv­er stuff to that cer­tain $oft­ware com­pa­ny at 7am, and, here we are, still at work, at mid­night — try­ing our damnedest. This cer­tain $oft­ware com­pa­ny is a stick­ler about scheduling.

So, on this 18+ hour work day, I had BBQ for din­ner, a few cof­fees, a diet coke, and 2 beers (got­ta love it when the senior man­ag­er invites you to make use of his mini-fridge). And it’s 93 degrees in this fuck­ing place.

I feel like There’s More to Life Than This.

The Libertines Under Smoking Ban

Review: A-

I was so sur­prised to learn yes­ter­day that The Lib­ertines were play­ing at the Par­adise for only $8… sure­ly not!

You know you’re in for a good show when the lead singer comes out and is sway­ing-ly drunk before the first song– lean­ing on his micro­phone, noodling on his gui­tar, “D’ya fan­cy me?”

I bought their record on vinyl a cou­ple of weeks ago, and I think I would describe them as an updat­ed Clash. You could lump them in with the new crop of garage bands, (e.g., The Strokes, White Stripes, Hives, Vines, et al.), but I keep com­ing back to that voice– it’s Strummer-esque.

It was also my first out­ing after the smok­ing-ban went into effect… ug. Even the Lib­ertines could­n’t smoke, which should have seemed pret­ty incred­u­lous indeed.

But, after the show, every­one spilled out onto Comm. Ave, and the band lit up cigs with their fans. Pret­ty down to earth stuff.

Neo-Cons Defined

When did this term “Neo-Con” or “Neo-Con­ser­v­a­tive” bust out into com­mon par­lance? These oth­er­wise intel­li­gent peo­ple have been call­ing into Talk of the Nation on NPR, and talk­ing about how Bush and the Neo-Cons want to force this whole rad­i­cal anti-fem­i­nist, anti-gay, anti-what­ev­er agen­da on this nation.

I cringe every time I hear this buzz­word mut­tered, because my fel­low Lib­er­als seem to have no fuck­ing idea what the term means.

Neo-Cons are for­mer Lib­er­als who decid­ed to get all hawk­ish on defense and for­eign pol­i­cy… They real­ly don’t wor­ry about domes­tic social issues. You can talk the­o­ry, (e.g., unin­tend­ed con­se­quences of action or inac­tion), but guys like Rums­feld, Wol­fowitz, and Pearle are not that dif­fer­ent from Lieber­man, or Moyni­han — except that the lat­ter two actu­al­ly care about help­ing peo­ple in this country.

Those wor­ry­ing them­selves with social­ly con­ser­v­a­tive issues are more aligned with the Reli­gious Right– NOT the Neo-Cons.

Besides, a tra­di­tion­al Con­ser­v­a­tive for­eign & defense pol­i­cy would be iso­la­tion­ism — NOT pre-emp­tive war. The Repub­li­cans in con­gress and Pres­i­dent Bush before 9/11 fit this tra­di­tion­al mold.

But, it seems that the Neo-Cons have thrown them­selves a com­ing out par­ty, com­plete with clus­ter bombs and accu­sa­tions of Trea­son (direct­ed toward those who oppose them).

It’s the word on every­ones’ lips!