The Libertines Under Smoking Ban

Review: A-

I was so sur­prised to learn yes­ter­day that The Lib­ertines were play­ing at the Par­adise for only $8… sure­ly not!

You know you’re in for a good show when the lead singer comes out and is sway­ing-ly drunk before the first song– lean­ing on his micro­phone, noodling on his gui­tar, “D’ya fan­cy me?”

I bought their record on vinyl a cou­ple of weeks ago, and I think I would describe them as an updat­ed Clash. You could lump them in with the new crop of garage bands, (e.g., The Strokes, White Stripes, Hives, Vines, et al.), but I keep com­ing back to that voice– it’s Strummer-esque.

It was also my first out­ing after the smok­ing-ban went into effect… ug. Even the Lib­ertines could­n’t smoke, which should have seemed pret­ty incred­u­lous indeed.

But, after the show, every­one spilled out onto Comm. Ave, and the band lit up cigs with their fans. Pret­ty down to earth stuff.

3 Responses to “The Libertines Under Smoking Ban”

  • why don’t you just quit already? smok­ing is turn­ing your lungs black and your teeth and fin­gers yellow.

    (i am one of those hat­ed ex-smok­ers who harps on smok­ers now.)

  • Hon­est­ly, I did­n’t know that you smoked. Not that it mat­ters at all to me… just some­thing new learned.

  • you smoke?!?! and you think you know someone…

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