Fear & Loathing at the Tweeter Center

Ok, so when you walk up to the gate at a giant music fes­ti­val put on by the local “alter­na­tive” FM sta­tion, and the PA annoucer says that your favorite band, the one you spent $70 to see, is not going to appear, you might think twice about enter­ing… I mean, I prob­a­bly could have scalped the tick­ets and made off with the $200+, but no, I decid­ed it was worth it to stay.

Boy was I wrong.

I enjoyed see­ing The Don­nas rock out on such a big stage, and Hot Hot Heat were cool. But, Inter­pol.

oh Inter­pol.… they were slop­py and looked unin­ter­est­ed, as a hoard of 15-year old drugged-out South Shore-ites and 35-year old drunk-down South Shore-ites screamed out “Obsta­cle 1” and oth­er song titles. Scary.

I can’ t blame them for not being into it, though– this crowd was one of the scari­est I’ve ever been a part of. Every­one was vio­lent­ly trashed by 2pm… And I know they weren’t drink­ing that much in the park, because Bud­weis­ers were $7.50.

I real­ly do think that white sub­ur­ban­ite teenagers are what scare me the most– but, they’re right up there with their alco­holic, abu­sive, white sub­ur­ban­ite fathers, and co-enabler, over-eat­ing white sub­ur­ban­ite mothers.

But that’s me.

Why no Blur? Lame. Good thing I’m still going to Field Day… oh wait.

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