I don’t know what pos­sessed me to try the new McDonald’s McGrid­dle break­fast sand­wich, but I wish I hadn’t. I had no idea that the “grid­dle” part is basi­cal­ly pan­cakes with arti­fi­cial maple syrup, built in.

So, a sausage, egg & cheese McGrid­dle real­ly is like eat­ing a brick of crap- and it sits in your stom­ach for hours. Here is the break down:

Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles™:
7.0 oz (199 g),550 calo­ries (300 from fat), & 33 grams of fat

Holy Jesus!

8 Responses to “McGriddles”

    Bet­ter pump that stomach.

  • care­ful poop­ing that out — you might tear something.

  • Hmm, maybe it’s because I am from the South, where syrup is put on every­thing, but I thought the bacon, egg, & cheese mcgrid­dle was pret­ty good. Yes, incred­i­bly heavy and lots of jog­ging need­ed to avoid guilt, but tasty.

  • Who cares the thing tastes great and I am plan­ning on eat­ing one every mornin’ before work. I would like even more of the syrupy deli­cious taste how­ev­er so you may want a side of syrup to dip it in before every tasty bite.
    I am mak­ing myself hun­gry for another!

  • That’s hilar­i­ous. both of you. Thanks for that.

    Tbone would want the syrup to be Real Ver­mont, no doubt… rather than the fake McSyrup.

    Any­how, my stom­ach can’t han­dle the likes of the McGrid­dle… and I am sad for it!

  • All I can say is they are good. I am actu­al­ly on my way to get more then one. The meal is a waste why pay for a hash­brown when you can get two McGrid­dles! I pre­fer the Bacon, Egg and Cheese. Best idea McDon­alds has had in a long time.

  • I have been excit­ed about try­ing a McGrid­dle for a few months and tried my first one this morn­ing. It could be one of the worst foods I have ever eat­en. The sweet­ness of the syrup is not a good com­bi­na­tion with the egg, bacon, and cheese. I don’t think using real syrup would even improve the taste much. If I knew then that it con­tained 500 calo­ries, I would’ve thrown it right out the win­dow — not worth it!

  • Yo McGrid­dles are soo frig­gin good, its a shame theyre only served only in the morn­ing, i think about all th time, i pre­fer the sausage, egg, and cheese, this might be the best thing ever, oth­er than herb

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