I don’t know what possessed me to try the new McDonald’s McGriddle breakfast sandwich, but I wish I hadn’t. I had no idea that the “griddle” part is basically pancakes with artificial maple syrup, built in.

So, a sausage, egg & cheese McGriddle really is like eating a brick of crap- and it sits in your stomach for hours. Here is the break down:

Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles™:
7.0 oz (199 g),550 calories (300 from fat), & 33 grams of fat

Holy Jesus!

8 Responses to “McGriddles”

    Better pump that stomach.

  • careful pooping that out — you might tear something.

  • Hmm, maybe it’s because I am from the South, where syrup is put on everything, but I thought the bacon, egg, & cheese mcgriddle was pretty good. Yes, incredibly heavy and lots of jogging needed to avoid guilt, but tasty.

  • Who cares the thing tastes great and I am planning on eating one every mornin’ before work. I would like even more of the syrupy delicious taste however so you may want a side of syrup to dip it in before every tasty bite.
    I am making myself hungry for another!

  • That’s hilarious. both of you. Thanks for that.

    Tbone would want the syrup to be Real Vermont, no doubt… rather than the fake McSyrup.

    Anyhow, my stomach can’t handle the likes of the McGriddle… and I am sad for it!

  • All I can say is they are good. I am actually on my way to get more then one. The meal is a waste why pay for a hashbrown when you can get two McGriddles! I prefer the Bacon, Egg and Cheese. Best idea McDonalds has had in a long time.

  • I have been excited about trying a McGriddle for a few months and tried my first one this morning. It could be one of the worst foods I have ever eaten. The sweetness of the syrup is not a good combination with the egg, bacon, and cheese. I don’t think using real syrup would even improve the taste much. If I knew then that it contained 500 calories, I would’ve thrown it right out the window — not worth it!

  • Yo McGriddles are soo friggin good, its a shame theyre only served only in the morning, i think about all th time, i prefer the sausage, egg, and cheese, this might be the best thing ever, other than herb

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