Monthly Archive for July, 2003

I’ve Made the Switch!

My new (old) G4This is old news to anyone who speaks with me regularly, but I’ve finally made the switch—to a Mac.

Yes, I know, apologies go out to my parents and everyone that I berated over the years for foolishly buying Macs – I just couldn’t resist any longer. I’m now the proud owner of a G4, with a diminutive 350mhz chip, new 80gb drive, 896mb RAM, OS X 10.2, and all the open source software I care to install. I was relieved to see that all my peripherals were easily installed, and I’m getting better at navigating the OS.

A couple of peeves, that I’m sure I’ll get over:

  • + How do I minimize all windows to the desktop with a keyboard shortcut?
  • + Working with files in directories is a bit weird—though I’m getting used to the column view.
  • + It’s confusing distinguishing between “home” and “computer”.
  • + window focus: why do you have to click on an inactive window first, and then select an item? That’s 2 clicks! In windows, you can click on a file in an inactive window, and it will select as it sets the window focus.
  • + Safari renders type really really small—i don’t mind, but it worries me that my website has such tiny type.

With the complaints out of the way, I have to say that I’m beaming with pride… something new to evangelize on. And I’m not the only one.

Refer makes it’s return!

Finally, I have access to detailed Referrers… courtesy Dean. Our increasingly pathetic server was choking on writing to MYSql before.

Also, I’m getting really annoyed with a bug that causes IE 5 on the Mac to crash. I can’t tell if its CSS or in the markup… Looks great in Safari and WIN IE 6.

A Quincy BBQ, Part I

Kim and her scooterI decided to post another photo album up on my Typepad, because they make it easy and elegant. These are mostly Presley’s shots, as it was her camera, and she’s the one into that whole analog thing.

Our friends Jason and Kimberly invited some coworkers over for A Quincy BBQ.

The Cool Whip brand whipped topping product didn’t come out untill after this roll was spent… so there will be a Part II! (I don’t know why I’m not in any of these…)


My left eye is twitching today, and I can’t get it to stop. I can’t wear my glasses or do my work, it’s just so annoying!

Blur in a blur

blur liveLast week was Blur Week.

We were given tickets to see the boys tape a few songs on Last Call w/ Carson Daly in New York on Wednesday, and were able to catch them live at Avalon in Boston on Friday night. And the best part was that there were no mishaps this time ’round.

Carson Daly is really misunderstood by music fans– especially those who fancy themselves hipper-than-thou. Maybe it’s because they blame him for the dominance of boy bands and Brittney in the past few years… or, maybe it is just that they think he’s a massive tool.

I think this is unfair— the guy is doing more with his little 1:30 am show than most other talk shows… he has terrific bands on, many that you won’t see on MTV or Jay Leno, and I think he’s truly a music fan first. I mean — they guy is always playing air drums in-between commercial breaks… I’m there with ya Carson!

Anyway, Blur. They played an acoustic set of Out of Time and Good Song from their excellent new album Think Tank. Make sure to tune in to NBC Friday, July 25 after Conan. We’re the two embarrassed jerks sitting in the second row, with plastic-rim eyeglasses.

Fridays show was really special– they played a wide ranging set that stretched back more than 10 years, including favorites For Tomorrow, Girls and Boys, the Universal, and the ever-moshing Song 2.

Damon was in top form, jumping around and really singing better than I’ve ever heard him sing. He doesn’t really play keyboards anymore, which is a minor peeve, but he’s doing his frontman thing well with the help of an electric guitar.

At 35 years, post-Gorillaz, he seems to have something more to prove — and 2,000 people and I were glad for it.

Slight Site Tweaks

Our domain has been a wreck in the past couple of weeks — which is why I started posting on Typepad.

Thanks to Ben at Magnetbox for kindly mentioning this site. I love visiting Magnetbox every day… wish I could find an RSS feed.

Also, thanks to Jason Kottke for adding this site to his “not recommended” sidebar.

And, since we’ve been dumping and importing MySQL dbs like banshees around here, it made sense to also upgrade the usability of this site:

  • Titles now link to the full entry
  • Graphical headings on the sidebar link to their relevant page
  • Text-size is now fluid, for accessibility
  • Leaner & Meaner CSS and XHTML templates
  • Removed the webrings, because they’re sooo 1996
  • Trimmed-up the Daily Bookmarks list
  • And finally, you can get here by typing NEDWARD.ORG (caps optional)

And, in the future, I’d like to:

  • swap most of the images out of the source code, and put them in the CSS using background-image
  • validate as valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • frequent backups, in case we have db trouble again!!

Full Throttle Boredom

Lucy looking juicyCharlie’s Angels: Full Throttle is the most pointless movie I have ever paid money to see… and, yes, I did see Showgirls in the cinema.

Someone explain to me what the hell this movie is about — because I have no clue. Here are my questions:
  • Who is that "Leo" kid?
  • Why is there unrealistic CGI fight scenes every 35 seconds?
  • Who is Bruce Willis’ character?
  • Why did that guy from the X-Files suddenly switch sides?
  • For a followup, why did Crispin Glover switch sides?
  • Why is Drew Barrymore in Mexico?
  • Why does Demi Moore play with her gun like she’s never touched one before?
  • When did Justin Theroux get jacked? Seriously, he’s got some muscles.
  • Why does Bernie Mac turn into more and more of a caricature, as he gets more famous?
  • And yet, why was I laughing at his one-liners?
  • What are those fucking rings, and why would such low-level government workers have them?

That’s all I got right now. Oh, and one more thing: I think Lucy Liu is incredible– but I hope she has better material in Kill Bill.