Slight Site Tweaks

Our domain has been a wreck in the past cou­ple of weeks — which is why I start­ed post­ing on Type­pad.

Thanks to Ben at Mag­net­box for kind­ly men­tion­ing this site. I love vis­it­ing Mag­net­box every day… wish I could find an RSS feed.

Also, thanks to Jason Kot­tke for adding this site to his “not rec­om­mend­ed” sidebar.

And, since we’ve been dump­ing and import­ing MySQL dbs like ban­shees around here, it made sense to also upgrade the usabil­i­ty of this site:

  • Titles now link to the full entry
  • Graph­i­cal head­ings on the side­bar link to their rel­e­vant page
  • Text-size is now flu­id, for accessibility
  • Lean­er & Mean­er CSS and XHTML tem­plates
  • Removed the webrings, because they’re sooo 1996
  • Trimmed-up the Dai­ly Book­marks list
  • And final­ly, you can get here by typ­ing NEDWARD.ORG (caps optional)

And, in the future, I’d like to:

  • swap most of the images out of the source code, and put them in the CSS using background-image
  • val­i­date as valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • fre­quent back­ups, in case we have db trou­ble again!!

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