Slight Site Tweaks

Our domain has been a wreck in the past couple of weeks — which is why I started posting on Typepad.

Thanks to Ben at Magnetbox for kindly mentioning this site. I love visiting Magnetbox every day… wish I could find an RSS feed.

Also, thanks to Jason Kottke for adding this site to his “not recommended” sidebar.

And, since we’ve been dumping and importing MySQL dbs like banshees around here, it made sense to also upgrade the usability of this site:

  • Titles now link to the full entry
  • Graphical headings on the sidebar link to their relevant page
  • Text-size is now fluid, for accessibility
  • Leaner & Meaner CSS and XHTML templates
  • Removed the webrings, because they’re sooo 1996
  • Trimmed-up the Daily Bookmarks list
  • And finally, you can get here by typing NEDWARD.ORG (caps optional)

And, in the future, I’d like to:

  • swap most of the images out of the source code, and put them in the CSS using background-image
  • validate as valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • frequent backups, in case we have db trouble again!!

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