Blur in a blur

blur liveLast week was Blur Week.

We were given tickets to see the boys tape a few songs on Last Call w/ Carson Daly in New York on Wednesday, and were able to catch them live at Avalon in Boston on Friday night. And the best part was that there were no mishaps this time ’round.

Carson Daly is really misunderstood by music fans– especially those who fancy themselves hipper-than-thou. Maybe it’s because they blame him for the dominance of boy bands and Brittney in the past few years… or, maybe it is just that they think he’s a massive tool.

I think this is unfair— the guy is doing more with his little 1:30 am show than most other talk shows… he has terrific bands on, many that you won’t see on MTV or Jay Leno, and I think he’s truly a music fan first. I mean — they guy is always playing air drums in-between commercial breaks… I’m there with ya Carson!

Anyway, Blur. They played an acoustic set of Out of Time and Good Song from their excellent new album Think Tank. Make sure to tune in to NBC Friday, July 25 after Conan. We’re the two embarrassed jerks sitting in the second row, with plastic-rim eyeglasses.

Fridays show was really special– they played a wide ranging set that stretched back more than 10 years, including favorites For Tomorrow, Girls and Boys, the Universal, and the ever-moshing Song 2.

Damon was in top form, jumping around and really singing better than I’ve ever heard him sing. He doesn’t really play keyboards anymore, which is a minor peeve, but he’s doing his frontman thing well with the help of an electric guitar.

At 35 years, post-Gorillaz, he seems to have something more to prove — and 2,000 people and I were glad for it.

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