I’ve Made the Switch!

My new (old) G4This is old news to any­one who speaks with me reg­u­lar­ly, but I’ve final­ly made the switch—to a Mac.

Yes, I know, apolo­gies go out to my par­ents and every­one that I berat­ed over the years for fool­ish­ly buy­ing Macs – I just couldn’t resist any longer. I’m now the proud own­er of a G4, with a diminu­tive 350mhz chip, new 80gb dri­ve, 896mb RAM, OS X 10.2, and all the open source soft­ware I care to install. I was relieved to see that all my periph­er­als were eas­i­ly installed, and I’m get­ting bet­ter at nav­i­gat­ing the OS.

A cou­ple of peeves, that I’m sure I’ll get over:

  • + How do I min­i­mize all win­dows to the desk­top with a key­board shortcut?
  • + Work­ing with files in direc­to­ries is a bit weird—though I’m get­ting used to the col­umn view.
  • + It’s con­fus­ing dis­tin­guish­ing between “home” and “com­put­er”.
  • + win­dow focus: why do you have to click on an inac­tive win­dow first, and then select an item? That’s 2 clicks! In win­dows, you can click on a file in an inac­tive win­dow, and it will select as it sets the win­dow focus.
  • + Safari ren­ders type real­ly real­ly small—i don’t mind, but it wor­ries me that my web­site has such tiny type.

With the com­plaints out of the way, I have to say that I’m beam­ing with pride… some­thing new to evan­ge­lize on. And I’m not the only one.

3 Responses to “I’ve Made the Switch!”

  • - com­mand-option and click on the desk­top (or on the find­er icon in the dock) to hide all apps.
    — home and com­put­er end up mak­ing more sense when you have more than one user on the machine. For instance , I set my par­ents up on their mac so they each have an account. it was much eas­i­er to do things like set up indi­vid­ual email accounts for them then. One thing a lot of peo­ple I know do is install all the third par­ty apps they run in their home direc­to­ry (they cre­ate a direc­to­ry there called Appli­ca­tions). that way if you need to rein­stall you just back up your home direc­to­ry and you don’t lose anything.
    — In the safari options you can set your default font and size, try bump­ing it up a point or two.

    hope that helps!

  • yes!! i so envy you. i’m offi­cial­ly a mac con­vert, but i’m stuck here with a brand new pc lap­top my dad got me for grad­u­a­tion. he tells me he’ll buy me a com­put­er for col­lege and i tell him i want a laptop.…then about a week before grad­u­a­tion, i call him up telling him what i REALLY want is a power­book because win­dows and microsoft suck ass. and he says, “too late.” god­dammit. but con­grat­u­la­tions on your switch to the tru­ly supe­ri­or machine. if only they’d make iTunes for win­dows, I might be able to live for a lit­tle while with­out hurl­ing this p.o.s. out the window.…

  • Hel­lo Folks,nice site youre running!

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