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Henry Street: A new chapter

Henry Street, CambridgeI post­ed some pho­tos of our new apart­ment, and it occurred to me that Sev­er­al things are noteworthy:

1. Its in a house. Odd.
2. It faces a small park, and is a block from the Charles Riv­er = green space
3. We’re no longer in the heart of Cen­tral Square — it’s a a good 10 minute walk to the red line now.
4. I don’t like being far from the red line
5. Dark hard­wood floors are cool. who knew
6. Pres­ley is hap­py we’re mov­ing. which is rea­son enough


I’ve re-upped my sub­scrip­tion to Type­pad, most­ly because I love the fea­tures. The pho­to album alone is worth the $11.96 a month.

Any­how, one added bonus, is the abil­i­ty to dole out dis­counts to deserv­ing folks:

As our thanks for tak­ing the time to help beta test Type­Pad, we’re offer­ing you the chance to share the sav­ings of a 20% life­time dis­count with twen­ty of your friends and fam­i­ly mem­bers. We real­ly appre­ci­ate the com­mu­ni­ty that has formed dur­ing test­ing and we hope that it con­tin­ues to thrive as the ser­vice grows.

Let me know if you’re interested—it’s great soft­ware from great people.

Words Cannot Convey…

We vis­it­ed our apart­ment again tonight, and it seems as if they are re-wiring the unit. Holes are slop­pi­ly punched and cables run through our walls, leav­ing a dust­ing of plas­ter on our belong­ings, and clumps of the stuff on the floors, in the sinks, and on our bed.

G & P Man­age­ment did­n’t even think it nec­es­sary to let us know, so we could pre­pare by box­ing up our stuff… no, instead, the elec­tri­cians had to work around the mess, (which was cre­at­ed when the clean­ing crew turned every­thing inside out 2 weeks ago), so of course they man­aged to break every­thing in sight.

cof­fee mak­er, george fore­man grill, french press, blender, speak­ers, bot­tles of alco­hol, wine glass­es, shelf, frame hold­ing auto­graphed Liz Phair album cov­er, grand­moth­er’s ori­en­tal rug, & star-shaped paper lat­ern… we’re keep­ing a list.

Almost Choke

My par­ents are in town vis­it­ing, and I thought it would be fun to go to a Red Sox game…

Nev­er-mind that it’s late-august, dur­ing a pen­nant and wild-card race, in the cra­zi­est base­ball city with the small­est sta­di­um in mlb.

After try­ing in vain to find 4 tick­ets togeth­er for this week­end on craigslist, I ponied up and start­ed call­ing bro­kers. These guys must make a killing– that’s all I’ll say.

We end­ed up 10 rows up from Pesky’s poll, way the hell out in right field. Still, the rain held after a vio­lent thun­der­storm, and we got to see a ter­rif­ic game.

I love Byung-Hyun Kim, but he sim­ply has to stop with this chok­ing thing. A clos­er is a clos­er. Lights out.

Too bad I for­got the dig­i­tal camera…


It’s worm week here at my work­place. The lastest lit­tle virus is the W32.Welchia.Worm, which has attacked our inter­nal servers here, and spread like wild fire.

The fun­ny thing about this virus, is that it’s pur­pose seems to be to clean up last weeks’ mess, the MS Blast worm. The Welchia goes into a sys­tem, deletes the MSBlast virus, and tries to down­load a patch from Win­dows Update. How friend­ly!

At least it’s a fri­day — maybe we can all get out of here.


Some­one I know (who may work at is spread­ing the
W32.Sobig.F@mm virus… it’s not a ter­ri­ble worm, but annoy­ing to keep get­ting hun­dreds of emails in my oth­er­wise spam-free work email inbox…

Howard Dean Jams

And he played harmonica as well...More evi­dence that this guy has appeal out­side the 2 coasts…

Play­ing the blues, and he’s self-taught.

I don’t think Clin­ton had chops like that.

Temporary Digs

Due to the fire, we’ve tak­en up tem­po­rary digs at a friend’s apart­ment in All­ston. Plum‑B is stay­ing in Maine for a while, and he didn’t need his room, which he offered to us for noth­ing in return.

His 3 room­mates (and house-kit­ten Alfie) have been tru­ly gen­er­ous. And I’ve got a fel­low weblog­ger to talk CSS and XHTML with—Jason writes at And our cat Katya has anoth­er kit­ten to bul­ly around.

Life can get pret­ty strange, but it’s odd­ly com­fort­ing know­ing that your friends can pull it togeth­er when you need them. Now, we’ve got to fig­ure out how to sue the pants off our landlord…

Persistent Annoyance

I still can’t fig­ure out what’s wrong with my CSS… it crash­es IE5 on Mac OSs 9‑X, and Win98. A good chunk of my audi­ence gets a crashed brows­er when they vis­it. HELP!

UPDATE: Matt Jacobs has earned my total respect and humil­i­ty for point­ing out this lit­tle problem:

I fig­ured out what the prob­lem is and it’s not your fault. It’s in here:

#gray {
float: left;
padding: 8px 5px 8px 8px;
font: 82% “luci­da grande”, ari­al, ver­dana, sans-serif}

For some rea­son, the float:left in this id is caus­ing the brows­er to crash. If you take out “float:left;” then the page loads just fine. In fact, the page looks exact­ly the same when you take it out (at least in IE and Safari). So, there is your problem.

Well its a relief that it was­n’t my fault, per se… but, I can’t account for why I’m using those floats… I guess I thought it was for good mea­sure. Which is why I’m set­ting a new rule: Don’t write a bit of CSS that you don’t know what it is doing, or that you can do with­out. Time to clean it up, I think.

I also stream­lined much of the code. Indi­vid­ual archive entries have com­ments & track­backs down the right bar, to save your scrolling. Also, the menu nav changes depend­ing on the post category.

Fire, Part II

Fire photo albumIt took longer than expect­ed to post pic­tures of the fire. Here are the details:

We had a lit­tle fire in our build­ing on Fri­day afternoon.

Fri­day, around noon, my girl­friend Pres­ley was at home… and she heard a bump—which she thought sound­ed like a neigh­bor drop­ping some­thing. Short­ly there­after, the build­ing fire alarm went off and she approached the door. There was some smoke com­ing in.

So, she opened the door, and saw that the hall­way was filled with black smoke. She couldn’t tell where the fire was com­ing from, so she closed the door and called 911. They told her to stay put, and put a wet tow­el under the door.

She grabbed our cat Katya and put her in her crate, and opened the win­dows… wait­ing for the fire­men. Final­ly, 20 min­utes lat­er, 4 guys came crash­ing through our door with axes and O2 masks, and checked to make sure she was okay. Of course she was, she just want­ed to get the heck out of there.

Fire photo albumSo, they decid­ed it was too dan­ger­ous to go out through the hall­way, so they start­ed axing the heck out of our front win­dows, rip­ping the frames right out of the wall. They helped Pres­ley onto one of those lad­ders, and helped her walk down to safe­ty. One of them car­ried the cat down too, who was remark­ably calm for a change.

Once she was on the ground, she called me, and I left work.

As far as we know, the cause of the fire was this:

The apart­ment next door to us was vacant for about a month—so they must’ve had trou­ble fill­ing it—so they decid­ed to refin­ish the hard­wood floors. When con­trac­tors were sand­ing the polyurethane, they appar­ent­ly didn’t turn off the gas. I’m not sure what the con­nec­tion was that start­ed the fire, but the “bump” that Pres­ley felt was some kind of explo­sion. It could also be relat­ed to the polyurethane fumes and a lack of prop­er ventilation.

They had the entire block roped off, and as far as I know no peo­ple or pets were injured (includ­ing Pres­ley and Katya). The fire­men were real­ly great, as were the Red Cross, EMTs and the city of Cam­bridge. With the excep­tion of glass, no win­dows, and smoke, we have no fire or water damage.

We stayed in a Bed & Break­fast for the week­end, and we are now stay­ing with friends—so we are set­tled and comfortable.

Time to look for a new apartment…


Big news in our lives at the moment—there was a fire in our build­ing and we had to move out while they clean up and rebuild.

I real­ly want­ed to post about it while I was stand­ing around on Mass Ave Fri­day, watch­ing the fire­men and EMTs. Time to set up Moblog­ging, I suppose.

Nobody was hurt, includ­ing our kit­ten Katya… more details to come, along with a pho­to album of the scene and the damage.