Persistent Annoyance

I still can’t fig­ure out what’s wrong with my CSS… it crash­es IE5 on Mac OSs 9‑X, and Win98. A good chunk of my audi­ence gets a crashed brows­er when they vis­it. HELP!

UPDATE: Matt Jacobs has earned my total respect and humil­i­ty for point­ing out this lit­tle problem:

I fig­ured out what the prob­lem is and it’s not your fault. It’s in here:

#gray {
float: left;
padding: 8px 5px 8px 8px;
font: 82% “luci­da grande”, ari­al, ver­dana, sans-serif}

For some rea­son, the float:left in this id is caus­ing the brows­er to crash. If you take out “float:left;” then the page loads just fine. In fact, the page looks exact­ly the same when you take it out (at least in IE and Safari). So, there is your problem.

Well its a relief that it was­n’t my fault, per se… but, I can’t account for why I’m using those floats… I guess I thought it was for good mea­sure. Which is why I’m set­ting a new rule: Don’t write a bit of CSS that you don’t know what it is doing, or that you can do with­out. Time to clean it up, I think.

I also stream­lined much of the code. Indi­vid­ual archive entries have com­ments & track­backs down the right bar, to save your scrolling. Also, the menu nav changes depend­ing on the post category.

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