Persistent Annoyance

I still can’t figure out what’s wrong with my CSS… it crashes IE5 on Mac OSs 9-X, and Win98. A good chunk of my audience gets a crashed browser when they visit. HELP!

UPDATE: Matt Jacobs has earned my total respect and humility for pointing out this little problem:

I figured out what the problem is and it’s not your fault. It’s in here:

#gray {
float: left;
padding: 8px 5px 8px 8px;
font: 82% “lucida grande”, arial, verdana, sans-serif}

For some reason, the float:left in this id is causing the browser to crash. If you take out “float:left;” then the page loads just fine. In fact, the page looks exactly the same when you take it out (at least in IE and Safari). So, there is your problem.

Well its a relief that it wasn’t my fault, per se… but, I can’t account for why I’m using those floats… I guess I thought it was for good measure. Which is why I’m setting a new rule: Don’t write a bit of CSS that you don’t know what it is doing, or that you can do without. Time to clean it up, I think.

I also streamlined much of the code. Individual archive entries have comments & trackbacks down the right bar, to save your scrolling. Also, the menu nav changes depending on the post category.

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