Temporary Digs

Due to the fire, we’ve taken up tem­po­rary digs at a friend’s apart­ment in All­ston. Plum-B is stay­ing in Maine for a while, and he didn’t need his room, which he offered to us for noth­ing in return.

His 3 room­mates (and house-kitten Alfie) have been truly gen­er­ous. And I’ve got a fel­low weblog­ger to talk CSS and XHTML with—Jason writes at yovanoff.com. And our cat Katya has another kit­ten to bully around.

Life can get pretty strange, but it’s oddly com­fort­ing know­ing that your friends can pull it together when you need them. Now, we’ve got to fig­ure out how to sue the pants off our landlord…

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