Almost Choke

My par­ents are in town vis­it­ing, and I thought it would be fun to go to a Red Sox game…

Nev­er-mind that it’s late-august, dur­ing a pen­nant and wild-card race, in the cra­zi­est base­ball city with the small­est sta­di­um in mlb.

After try­ing in vain to find 4 tick­ets togeth­er for this week­end on craigslist, I ponied up and start­ed call­ing bro­kers. These guys must make a killing– that’s all I’ll say.

We end­ed up 10 rows up from Pesky’s poll, way the hell out in right field. Still, the rain held after a vio­lent thun­der­storm, and we got to see a ter­rif­ic game.

I love Byung-Hyun Kim, but he sim­ply has to stop with this chok­ing thing. A clos­er is a clos­er. Lights out.

Too bad I for­got the dig­i­tal camera…

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