Words Cannot Convey…

We vis­it­ed our apart­ment again tonight, and it seems as if they are re-wiring the unit. Holes are slop­pi­ly punched and cables run through our walls, leav­ing a dust­ing of plas­ter on our belong­ings, and clumps of the stuff on the floors, in the sinks, and on our bed.

G & P Man­age­ment did­n’t even think it nec­es­sary to let us know, so we could pre­pare by box­ing up our stuff… no, instead, the elec­tri­cians had to work around the mess, (which was cre­at­ed when the clean­ing crew turned every­thing inside out 2 weeks ago), so of course they man­aged to break every­thing in sight.

cof­fee mak­er, george fore­man grill, french press, blender, speak­ers, bot­tles of alco­hol, wine glass­es, shelf, frame hold­ing auto­graphed Liz Phair album cov­er, grand­moth­er’s ori­en­tal rug, & star-shaped paper lat­ern… we’re keep­ing a list.

2 Responses to “Words Cannot Convey…”

  • wow. that sucks. not to men­tion the fact that it might be ille­gal for the land­lord to let oth­er peo­ple into your apart­ment with­out telling you first… unless you have legal­ly aban­doned it… all ques­tions for a lawyer. good luck. sounds like you have some fun and games with the man­age­ment com­pa­ny ahead.

  • I think we need to have a word with your Land­lord and G & P Man­age­ment. Some­one would have to pay at some stage…

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