Words Cannot Convey…

We visited our apartment again tonight, and it seems as if they are re-wiring the unit. Holes are sloppily punched and cables run through our walls, leaving a dusting of plaster on our belongings, and clumps of the stuff on the floors, in the sinks, and on our bed.

G & P Management didn’t even think it necessary to let us know, so we could prepare by boxing up our stuff… no, instead, the electricians had to work around the mess, (which was created when the cleaning crew turned everything inside out 2 weeks ago), so of course they managed to break everything in sight.

coffee maker, george foreman grill, french press, blender, speakers, bottles of alcohol, wine glasses, shelf, frame holding autographed Liz Phair album cover, grandmother’s oriental rug, & star-shaped paper latern… we’re keeping a list.

2 Responses to “Words Cannot Convey…”

  • wow. that sucks. not to mention the fact that it might be illegal for the landlord to let other people into your apartment without telling you first… unless you have legally abandoned it… all questions for a lawyer. good luck. sounds like you have some fun and games with the management company ahead.

  • I think we need to have a word with your Landlord and G & P Management. Someone would have to pay at some stage…

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