Dave Jr.

I am shocked. Anna points out that David Let­ter­man is going to be a father.

I know it seems as if his cul­tur­al rel­e­vance has com­plete­ly van­ished in the past 7–8 years, but he is the guy who trans­formed Late Night TV. You look at The Dai­ly Show, Conan, Rosie, and even The Man Show, and it’s impos­si­ble to imag­ine them exist­ing with­out Dave, (nev­er-mind that only Conan and Jon Stew­art have even approached Dav­e’s brilliance).

And if the announce­ment isn’t rea­son enough to tune in tonight, Simon & Gar­funkel are performing.

3 Responses to “Dave Jr.”

  • Sad­ly, I can’t even imag­ine Dave with a steady girl­friend, much less father­ing a child.

  • Dav­e’s only had two girl­friends in the past 25 years, and the first one was his head writer — they were togeth­er for, like, 13 years or some­thing… and now’s he’s been with Regi­na for about the same amount of time. He may flirt like mad with every female guest and audi­ence mem­ber in his stu­dio, but from what I under­stand he’s a very pri­vate, tra­di­tion­al guy and very very faithful.

    I’m just upset he’s not hav­ing a baby with ME. I have such a mas­sive crush on him.

    The whole episode was great, by the way, includ­ing S&G. What a way to end a real­ly emo­tion­al day.

  • Thanks for the info Anna! I sus­pect­ed that he kept some of his “pri­vate life” pri­vate (except for his moth­er and her awe­some pies), but it was still fair­ly shock­ing to see some­one I had asso­ci­at­ed with bach­e­lorism now hav­ing a child on the way.

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