Dave Jr.

I am shocked. Anna points out that David Letterman is going to be a father.

I know it seems as if his cultural relevance has completely vanished in the past 7-8 years, but he is the guy who transformed Late Night TV. You look at The Daily Show, Conan, Rosie, and even The Man Show, and it’s impossible to imagine them existing without Dave, (never-mind that only Conan and Jon Stewart have even approached Dave’s brilliance).

And if the announcement isn’t reason enough to tune in tonight, Simon & Garfunkel are performing.

3 Responses to “Dave Jr.”

  • Sadly, I can’t even imagine Dave with a steady girlfriend, much less fathering a child.

  • Dave’s only had two girlfriends in the past 25 years, and the first one was his head writer — they were together for, like, 13 years or something… and now’s he’s been with Regina for about the same amount of time. He may flirt like mad with every female guest and audience member in his studio, but from what I understand he’s a very private, traditional guy and very very faithful.

    I’m just upset he’s not having a baby with ME. I have such a massive crush on him.

    The whole episode was great, by the way, including S&G. What a way to end a really emotional day.

  • Thanks for the info Anna! I suspected that he kept some of his “private life” private (except for his mother and her awesome pies), but it was still fairly shocking to see someone I had associated with bachelorism now having a child on the way.

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