Verizon’s UI, Part II

An update on my Ver­i­zon annoy­ances– After a few weeks of assur­ances and pass­ing the buck, I’ve been told that we won’t be able to get DSL for our new house. No dis­cernible rea­son was giv­en, just a “no”.

So, to put my mon­ey where my mouth was, I decid­ed to pun­ish Ver­i­zon for this by switch­ing our phone to Com­cast.

All this sup­pos­ed­ly “good” dereg­u­la­tion in the com­mu­ni­ca­tions indus­try still leaves those of us in Boston with lit­tle choice. Since we’re already going to pay Com­cast for cable tv & broad­band inter­net access, why not be done with Ver­i­zon for­ev­er?

Now we’ll have 1 bill to pay, and here’s hop­ing that their online man­age­ment is bet­ter than Ver­i­zon’s — It can’t get much worse.

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