VW GolfI bought my cur­rent car, a green ’93 Sub­aru Impreza wag­on, in the win­ter of 1998, after I received an inher­i­tance from my grand­fa­ther. Since then, I’ve grown attached to it, not least because of my grand­fa­ther, but also because it was my first man­u­al trans­mis­sion, and it was my first for­eign car.

I hate cars — I hate what they’ve done to our cities and our coun­try in the past 60 years… but, they are some­times a nec­es­sary evil. Pres­ley and I have hauled our lives from Buf­fa­lo to Boston, Boston to Cam­bridge, and back again over the years, and it’s always been good to us. Our most impres­sive haul, in my mem­o­ry, was a 7‑foot tall wardrobe from IKEA in Ontario, to Cam­bridge. Not only did it fit, but there was room for Pres­ley, a kit­ten, and a huge ori­en­tal rug.

Still, it’s a ten year-old car, and its start­ing to get expen­sive to repair. And I’ve got an oil leak up the wahoo.

So, it’s time to suck it up, and buy anoth­er car. My friends have offered their advice. Albany Dan said do not buy a Volk­swa­gen, under any cir­cum­stances. Some­thing about bad reli­a­bil­i­ty… My boss’s boss sug­gest­ed a pick­up truck. Oth­er friends sug­gest­ed bor­ing old Toy­otas and Hondas.

I think I’m going to go with my gut, and look for a used VW Golf. Besides being small and cool (good for city dri­ving), it’s safe, rel­a­tive­ly inex­pen­sive, and fuel efficient.

Though I won’t be able to haul anoth­er 7′ wardrobe, I’m sure the hatch­back will come in handy.

And, the best lit­tle secret of all, is that AAA offers low-inter­est car loans — I was approved for 4.19% for 60 months… Now, time to go shopping!

3 Responses to “Approved”

  • I don’t know what your bud­get is, but I’d take a look at the Protege5 from Maz­da. It’s in its sec­ond or third year so you’d prob­a­bly be able to find a few used ones on the mar­ket. I drove this car for a while and absolute­ly loved it. Maz­da is also bring­ing out the Mazda3 this year, but it does­n’t sound like you’re in the mar­ket for a 2004 model.

  • I have a 1989 VW Golf. Fun car, but gut­less and needs repairs a lot, and nobody knows how to work on them. I’d go to and read the review of the Toy­ota Taco­ma Truck.

  • Had a 92 Golf for like 3 years. Had tons of room, fun to dri­ve, but it leaked oil like a mutha, and died in an unholy explo­sion of bad wires and antifreeze.

    Toy­otas (except mine) and hon­das are bor­ing, and Hyundai’s have 10-year warranty

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