Saab Story 2000 Saab 9-3I started out looking for a used Golf, but I’ve realized they are really crappy cars– especially if you’re not buying a new one.

After test driving a honda, and deciding I wasn’t ready to give up all fun in my life, I drove a used Saab 9-3. Wow.

This is your basic entry-level Saab — but with leather seats, sunroof, and a 180hp turbo engine to all but ensure that I won’t become an ardent environmentalist — although it is a 4-cylinder.

My only problem is that I’m worried that I’m going to look like a toolbox in this thing. I mean, can you legally listen to punk rock in a Saab? Is it considered “gauche” to eat Wendy’s and belong to the Democratic party, as a Saab owner? Am I crazy?

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  • If you pretend you are a Socialist while you’re driving it, it’s definitely OK to play punk rock in a Saab, though it’s easier to get away with in a Volvo.

    And you say “gauche” like it’s a negative thing…

  • Well, it looks pretty nice. Too bad you can’t buy two (as I need a car now) and get a major discount.

  • The one time I got seat time in a Saab, I was whipping past everyone on I-40 west and wondering why they were dragging so, inasmuch as I was doing a mere 55 mph.

    And then it was pointed out to me that I was reading the tach, and that I was in fact doing 5500 rpm.

    I am indeed grateful that none of the local gendarmes were witness to this event.

  • You should probably consider carrying a toolbox in the Saab (9-3 is an indication of the daylight hours that you need to work to fund it’s operation). There is a reason why you will see so many “off lease” and “low mileage” Saabs for sale. Both my friends and relatives have owned these General Motors vehicles with nothing good to report. Keep shopping, there are a lot of good new and used cars in the $15k price range.
    2000-2001 Acura TL’s with similar mileage are in the same price range and are bulletproof. The Hyundai Elantra GT is a new car that comes to mind with that budget in mind. Personally, I just “downgraded” to a new Mazda Protege 5 and a 1993 Impreza (talk about bulletproof!) 4wd wagon for the winter at a total cost of $17,000.
    Happy Driving!!!

  • First of all, what’s wrong with a Honda??!!??! Besides the fact that they get stolen in L.A.? That’s a hot car. Just get a mini coop & call it a day or go the other way & get a 1964 El Dorado convertable. I say go for the caddy. Saabs are a nice auto, though.

  • Dude, you’re peeps know nothing about cars ;)
    Anyway, did you buy it yet?

    If not, here are two tidbits that hoefully get you stoked about being a Saab owner:

    Saabs kick ass in the racing world, and always have….ever since their lowly two-stoke models, Saab cars have ruled their class in the rally world, and the ice racing circuits; bulletproof suspensions, strong integrated chassis components, and a drive train that is second only to the new Subaru’s in production line turbo equipped engine (Subaru is geared more towards all out performance though, whereas Saab is oriented on usable power and efficiency)….an interesting note is that both Saab and Subaru share their roots based in airplane engine manufacture and development.

    The 93 designation was born in 1955…you won’t be driving a republican grocery getter, you’ll be driving a piece of history, with a lineage steeped in muscle car attitude and practical luxury.

    Despite the “large” displacement of Saab’s 4 cylinder engine, it is EXTREMELY clean running. Recently Saab conducted several expositions around the most recent updates to the Euro clean air regulations where they took several of their venerable two-stoke cars, routed their exhausts directly to the intakes of their current turbo and euro-only diesels, and measured exhaust gas emissions. There was no change in particulate or other emissions from the new engine series, in fact particulate measurements fro the Saab’s exhaust were lower than the inherent particulates found in the air of Rome and Cairo.

  • Wow. That’s some information. Funny that GM owns all or a big piece of both Saab and Subaru…

    So, Smaaht kid, tell me what typeface is used on the instrument panels? That’s what I really want to know…

  • That is funny GM in the early 90’s was failing in the marketplace, their desire to get ahold of Saab’s engineering achievements in traction controls systems, engine management systems, and turbo integration led to their purchase of Saab, who at that point were severely running out of resources in part due to GM’s shortcomings in supply of parts. It was a match that really did enhance both companies as Saab was still left in charge of Saab, they got an increased discount on the parts they were already buying from GM, and GM got a cut of their profits….of course teh sharing of technology (both good and bad…see OnStar) benefitted both companies as well.
    Saabs are still Saabs, and GMs are still GMs…just like a Chrysler is still a Chrysler and a Mercades is still a Mercades.

    As for teh font, I have no idea ;)

  • I would not hesitate one moment. Who cares about image when you get to drive a Saab with leather seats and a 180hp turbo.

    Just do it :-)

  • Honestly—they look nice, but are horrible quality. They were horrible even before GM bought into them.

    Also, Saabs are pretty “ghey”. Nothing wrong with being gay or anything, but if you’re hetero, you might want to consider that. Go for a BMW.

  • my mom has a saab. she has had it for over 10 years. she just recently started having trouble with it, but only because she never drives anywhere farther than 20 miles away from our house in it.

    i think it is great. i can’t wait until i can get a new car. i love my little toyota corolla, but it does feel a little “college-y” next to my boss’s covertible lexus.


  • To be poor without bitterness is easy; to be rich without arrogance is hard.

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