Monthly Archive for November, 2003


As you’ll no doubt notice, there are errors sprin­kled around the site, such as:

Warn­ing: main(): stream does not sup­port seek­ing in/home/suckahs/public_html/ned/index.phpon line 974

It seems that Site5, my web host, has decid­ed to upgrade PHP on my serv­er… Looks like I’ll be edit­ing stuff this weekend.

UPDATE: I found this lit­tle page, which helped me smooth things out in a mat­ter of minutes.

Thanksgiving Prefix

We’re await­ing com­pa­ny for the hol­i­day– Pres­ley’s mom, mom’s boyfriend Marc, and sis­ter Kel­ly are join­ing us in a prop­er New Eng­land Thanksgiving.

The pump­kin and corn breads smell won­der­ful, the turkey is still thaw­ing, and we picked out a few nice wines to go with din­ner. Ok, so maybe the Puri­tans did­n’t drink French wine– or wine at all– but I’m stick­ing to the “prop­er New Eng­land Thanksgiving”.

The fun­ni­est part (to me) was that our 1‑month old Sears Ken­more refrig­er­a­tor died yes­ter­day– luck­i­ly we were able to shut­tle off var­i­ous bits to neigh­bors’ fridges, and get a repair­man to the apart­ment today. It’s not going to be Pieces of April (which inci­den­tal­ly is real­ly quite good, and you should go see it).

The limits of Push-button Publishing

Moveable TypeA while back, Jason Kot­tke began tweak­ing his site lay­out, merg­ing his “remain­der” links into the dai­ly thread of his weblog, and cre­at­ing a dif­fer­ent look for “Fea­tured” posts such as movie and book reviews.

When I last redesigned (now more than a year ago), I thought a lot about how to use MT cat­e­gories, and the impor­tance of draw­ing a visu­al dis­tinc­tion between fea­tured posts, and short­er dai­ly posts. It was nec­es­sary to weigh cer­tain types of posts as more rel­e­vant than others.

This not-so-cre­ative solu­tion was to use a styled post title & a unique icon—for music, movies, books, pho­tos, & spe­cial posts—and leave non-fea­tured posts unstyled (albeit bold­ed). Also, I try to use a small pho­to for each fea­tured post. By using PHP and some MT tem­plate code, I was able to hack some­thing together.

Jason’s method of using 5 weblogs for 5 dif­fer­ent kinds of posts seems over­ly com­pli­cat­ed and unwieldy for me, because I have oth­er blogs on our domain. But, there is a point where PHP hacks can defeat the pur­pose of using “push-but­ton publishing”.

I very much like his idea of embed­ding these remain­dered links in the chrono­log­i­cal thread of the weblog—Because these are time­ly links ref­er­enc­ing cur­rent events or memes, why not?

I always thought Anil’s method of group­ing links under a date would be almost mean­ing­less for my site—as I only post 1 or 2 items per day. My Dai­ly Book­marks have no ref­er­ence point—they are mere­ly sort­ed descend­ing by date. Once again, Jason gets me thinking…

Concert for Howard Dean

Any­one in the Boston area who likes folk music, and would like to sup­port Howard Dean, check out this fundrais­er tonight:

Con­cert for Dean at Club Passim
11/24/2003 7:00pm
Tick­ets are $5, with a request­ed con­tri­bu­tion of $10 for Dean… We’ll start with a short open­ing set by Jen­ny Bruce, who will be singing back­up w/Rachael Sage lat­er. There will be Dean videos in between sets.


Appar­ent­ly, I have an evil twin in my office build­ing… peo­ple keep telling me that they say “hel­lo” to me, and I act as if I don’t know who the hell they are. Dop­pel­ganger!

The 80s

Pathet­ic. Any quiz that expects you to know Bon Jovi and the Bug­gles… well, it’s just not a prop­er quiz.


Mac OS X 10.3I got Pan­ther (OS X 10.3) this week, and final­ly found the time to install it on my newish 12-inch Power­book. No prob­lem, right? Maybe if I weren’t such a retard.

11pm. I loaded the disk, and nav­i­gat­ed through set­up with­out a prob­lem. Of course, as soon as I fin­ished, I for­got that what I real­ly want­ed was to par­ti­tion my gigan­tic 80GB dri­ve into a Sys­tem disk, and a Scratch disk.

After Pan­ther was up and run­ning, I went to the disk util­i­ty, and when I clicked on “par­ti­tion”, it told me that I couldn’t par­ti­tion the HD because it was the “boot vol­ume”. Oh, right. That makes some sense, I guess.

So, I insert­ed the Pan­ther install CD again, and reboot­ed. Then I ran the disk util­i­ty in the Pan­ther set­up. This let me par­ti­tion the dri­ve as I liked—though it would erase every­thing, which was OK by me.

Since every­thing was erased, I then tried to com­plete the Pan­ther install again—but it told me it couldn’t do it, because no ver­sion of OS X was found on the com­put­er. ::huh?:: It can’t install Pan­ther on a blank for­mat­ted drive?

So, I loaded up my Apple restore disk, installed Jaguar, (which takes about 20% longer) on the new sys­tem par­ti­tion, restart­ed with the Pan­ther Install disk once again insert­ed, and final­ly I was able to then erase the Jaguar install, and install Panther.

3am. I think it was worth it…

  • The Find­er seems very respon­sive and quick.
  • Switch­ing between Pro­grams seems fast and more intu­itive (if not more Windows-intuitive)
  • Expos? is HOTT.
  • Font Book, the new type man­age­ment soft­ware fills a huge hole left by Jaguar. A must-have for graph­ic designers.
  • Win­dows Friend­ly! Sup­port for Win­dows Net­work­ing, includ­ing print­ing to a shared Win­dows print­er & VPN access.

Apolo­gies for being so clut­ter-mind­ed this morn­ing, but all of this kept me up well past my bed time!

Paul is Hosting?

Some­one tell me why Paul Shaf­fer is host­ing Let­ter­man tonight? You’d think they were tap­ing this thing out of some­body’s base­ment. I’m sure there was some kind of expla­na­tion at the top of the show… but I missed it. Did he do a monologue?

UPDATE: It appears as if Dave had to run to the hos­pi­tal– for the birth of his first child.


Jason redesigned. Now, he’s got to start writ­ing more reg­u­lar­ly… as does yours truly.