Paul is Hosting?

Someone tell me why Paul Shaffer is hosting Letterman tonight? You’d think they were taping this thing out of somebody’s basement. I’m sure there was some kind of explanation at the top of the show… but I missed it. Did he do a monologue?

UPDATE: It appears as if Dave had to run to the hospital— for the birth of his first child.

3 Responses to “Paul is Hosting?”

  • I always see his shiny head at the restaurant just below my office building–Fiorello’s. He was there with Richard Belzer. Also spotted in my work hood are: Ethan Hawk (looks like a dirty frenchman or a bum) and Robin Williams-he’s short and wore a hawaiian shirt. I’m such a gossip!

  • I think Paul hosted once when Dave was out with Shingles as well. Not right.

  • It’s just plain awkward.

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