Paul is Hosting?

Some­one tell me why Paul Shaf­fer is host­ing Let­ter­man tonight? You’d think they were tap­ing this thing out of some­body’s base­ment. I’m sure there was some kind of expla­na­tion at the top of the show… but I missed it. Did he do a monologue?

UPDATE: It appears as if Dave had to run to the hos­pi­tal– for the birth of his first child.

3 Responses to “Paul is Hosting?”

  • I always see his shiny head at the restau­rant just below my office building–Fiorello’s. He was there with Richard Belz­er. Also spot­ted in my work hood are: Ethan Hawk (looks like a dirty french­man or a bum) and Robin Williams-he’s short and wore a hawai­ian shirt. I’m such a gossip!

  • I think Paul host­ed once when Dave was out with Shin­gles as well. Not right.

  • It’s just plain awkward.

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