Mac OS X 10.3I got Pan­ther (OS X 10.3) this week, and final­ly found the time to install it on my newish 12-inch Power­book. No prob­lem, right? Maybe if I weren’t such a retard.

11pm. I loaded the disk, and nav­i­gat­ed through set­up with­out a prob­lem. Of course, as soon as I fin­ished, I for­got that what I real­ly want­ed was to par­ti­tion my gigan­tic 80GB dri­ve into a Sys­tem disk, and a Scratch disk.

After Pan­ther was up and run­ning, I went to the disk util­i­ty, and when I clicked on “par­ti­tion”, it told me that I couldn’t par­ti­tion the HD because it was the “boot vol­ume”. Oh, right. That makes some sense, I guess.

So, I insert­ed the Pan­ther install CD again, and reboot­ed. Then I ran the disk util­i­ty in the Pan­ther set­up. This let me par­ti­tion the dri­ve as I liked—though it would erase every­thing, which was OK by me.

Since every­thing was erased, I then tried to com­plete the Pan­ther install again—but it told me it couldn’t do it, because no ver­sion of OS X was found on the com­put­er. ::huh?:: It can’t install Pan­ther on a blank for­mat­ted drive?

So, I loaded up my Apple restore disk, installed Jaguar, (which takes about 20% longer) on the new sys­tem par­ti­tion, restart­ed with the Pan­ther Install disk once again insert­ed, and final­ly I was able to then erase the Jaguar install, and install Panther.

3am. I think it was worth it…

  • The Find­er seems very respon­sive and quick.
  • Switch­ing between Pro­grams seems fast and more intu­itive (if not more Windows-intuitive)
  • Expos? is HOTT.
  • Font Book, the new type man­age­ment soft­ware fills a huge hole left by Jaguar. A must-have for graph­ic designers.
  • Win­dows Friend­ly! Sup­port for Win­dows Net­work­ing, includ­ing print­ing to a shared Win­dows print­er & VPN access.

Apolo­gies for being so clut­ter-mind­ed this morn­ing, but all of this kept me up well past my bed time!

3 Responses to “Pantherized”

  • I did­n’t under­stand a word of that.

  • I num­ber envy now, being stuck with 10.2 … that .1 adds much. Sad­ly, I just can’t drop anoth­er 130 bucks after pay­ing for 10.1

    Maybe if the called it “OS 13” instead.

  • if your a stu­dent, you can get pan­ther with an edu­ca­tion­al dis­count. it’s only $69 for me at my col­lege. that’s bet­ter than that whop­ping $129..

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